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The emotion at the center of every communication

The emotion at the center of every communication message from the Sky


The emotion at the center of every communication : precious brothers, precious sisters, my feelings, what I feel inside me, what determines my words, this feeling that surrounds my words, this feeling that is transmitted with my words, it demands others to listen; when I communicate, even more than the words, you are actually listening for the emotion that comes with them, and you listen to the words but as an expression of the feeling that I have inside my heart in that precise moment.


If joy is inside you, you will hear joy; if listening is what I am experiencing inside you, you will feel encouraged to speak up; for every emotion that I am feeling, your listening to me will determine the expression of your feeling.


From the heart, from the heart is where my feeling comes from, going towards you, and it comes back from you as the answer to the feeling you experienced.


For many brothers, all I seem to send is only words, and not the feeling; brothers, the truth is that every word always carries the emotion that created that word in the first place, and every perplexity when faced with the words you heart repositions your emotion at the center of every communication. If you speak, you are inevitably transmitting what you feel from the heart in that moment.


Therefore, listening to others, like you listen to us, is a transmission of an emotion from one another. What comes from me right now, as I am also sending my emotions, will cause an emotion inside the other heart that is listening.


Do you understand the importance of listening to the emotion inside us in that moment? If I pick up on the importance of the emotion inside me in that moment, before I even communicate, I will listen inside my own feelings, and I could first of all place myself truly inside that contact, and only then I can speak, expressing what I am in that precise moment. And this, my emotion, through the words I give to the other heart, will reach him inside. It is very important to be aware of yourselves, of your own feelings as you speak, if we are communicating, the heart that is listening will always receive a response on what we are transmitting, and every response coming from us will be shaped by our emotion.


Therefore, do always listen with great attention, what you determine from the expression of the other, the answer that confirms the emotion, the emotion inside you, or the answer that sends back to you a feeling that is different from the one you are experiencing, is there maybe an other element in you in that specific moment, and you are not listening? If the emotion is being listened to, you will have a response of confirmation, however, on the other hand, if a response but not a confirmation is what you are receiving inside, make contact again, put renewed awareness into it, and then the words will send this awareness, and the answer will be upon you once again.


Communicating takes effort, but among you this is the most important form of contact on earth. You are expressing yourselves with words at the time of contact, make those moments precious by being aware of yourselves.


I am speaking from the heart, from my heart to help you, from the heart to reflect, from the heart because I care about you, from the heart because my Love for you is immense, my lilies giving out their fragrant scent from their heart, so much passion brings me to you, my beloved, beloved, beloved and precious ones, and I have a desire, being part of your growth, feeling like a brother who is helping you for Love, Love, our contact is through Love, the emotion I am feeling is upon you.


One last word : brothers, I love you


For you, your brother Jesus Christ


The emotion at the center of every communication message from the Sky was the Message dictated 13th June 2011




The emotion at the center of every communication message from the Sky


The emotion at the center of every communication


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