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The words to communicating means

The words to communicating means transmitting to the other person the emotion felt


The words to communicating means : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I feel the smile from your hearts reaching me, today this brother speaks to us of how to be able to spread the light that inside us, in the heart we feel all the affection that he feels for us with this words, does Love need words to express itself?


This question brings us to our topic.


Maybe we use words to express ourselves, but the feeling is conveyed by how one feels, and the words translate the feeling , so, this means that to communicating means transmitting to the other person the emotion felt inside the heart; but in the heart the emotion I am feeling right now projects me to the other person, even before those words, the contact will take place with the movement of me toward the other; through my attitude the words are already formed; we think of the words to say, but with our contact we are already speaking; many of you accept contact, others place distance, they are words that determine the contact; many words are already expressing themselves through the eyes as they meet the other’s eyes, or just by looking distractedly, these are words too; the body stops with the effort or it seems to continue on with the movement and these are words too; the attention is concentrated on the heart of the other, or is concentrated on the body in front of him, and these are also words being sent; you are in contact with your own emotion, or the contact is not even inside you, and these are also words that are being transmitted, in the emotion you feel you are constantly renewing your contact, and words are thus expressed each instant from your heart.


These words define the contact that is either important to you, or superficial, or that may carry problems inside it. And you have not even said one word yet, but in this moment you have already transmitted words on how you place yourselves in this contact.


If you are the ones proposing the contact, the emotion is even more crucial, because in your feeling your emotion precedes the contact, being emotion seeks the contact, and you flood the other person with your emotion, and the words you pronounce as you enter this contact are the expression of your emotion. Remember that you are speaking without saying any words, and what you are saying is the expression of what you are. If you focus on the emotion, than this is what you are communicating, the heart you are communicating about you, about what emotions you are experiencing inside, the eyes are focused on the inside, everything is about you during those moments, present and past are concentrated in this one moment, from the eyes you open up the emotion that you feel.


You feel a certain attention for the eyes you are questioning, to see how they will answer to your search for a contact, and new emotions will move inside you in this answer, and once again new words about you will flood the other person with your emotions.


The emotion, if you noticed, is the determining factor of every form of contact that always transforms into words, and is even more effective than words uttered by the mouth; what is felt as true is exactly what is being sent and perceived by emotions, words can only be coherent or not coherent with the emotions sent by the hearts.


Soon my goodbye will bring to a new appointment, I want to hug you my brothers, think of the Love communicated, may your Love reach like a hug the hearts that will open up to you, and may your Love reach those you touch with a hug.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The words to communicating means transmitting to the other person the emotion felt was the Message dictated 4th July 2011




The words to communicating means transmitting to the other person the emotion felt


The words to communicating means


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