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Emotions speak to you about yourselves

Emotions speak to you about yourselves in your events emotion is life


Emotions speak to you about yourselves : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, in front of my eyes I see your hearts, in front of my eyes is the life that expresses itself inside you, there are many of you, many of you are listening to the emotions that you feel inside you, happiness at being you, your joy at being your reference point in  your life, feeling like this allows you to follow your heart as it expresses itself, the emotions that continuously speak to you about yourselves in your events, they speak of sadness, of pain, but also of moments of joy, of moments when you feel important, when you bring help, and then, how nice, the emotions that move with the events, the heart is always full of emotions, every day is an intense day for your emotions, and what you feel is life; everything is important for the heart, every event is a deep dive for your heart as it makes contact with the emotions; the heart always receives an answer from the emotions, every second; this action of feeling is life, life that flows incessantly, moment after moment of existence, it’s the life that you listen to inside yourselves, and picking up the emotion as you listen is like a stream that  you like to hear because it is you; so much time spent on what you felt, on this life that speaks of you, you, your being is inside every emotion as it expresses itself.


On the other hand, some of you, even though you are listening to me, think that life is all about things, when your income is an emotion, when success is an emotion, when conquest is an emotion, when a surprise is an emotion, these are examples, but when you listen to your heart, the intensity of the emotion forces you to listen to yourselves, an emotion in that moment of life, a life that is always present inside your hearts.


Life is the presence of emotion that flows inside you, and, I repeat, it’s every second of your life as it flows inside you; what you have in front of your eyes moves the life inside you, the heart is always inside the emotion.


Listening to life is to focus with your eyes on what your gaze is aiming at, and feeling in the emotion that is immediately activated in answer to what our eyes perceive.


Why do I feel like this? I collect information from my heart, this is how I feel inside my emotion, my self in this moment is feeling an emotion, the life flowing inside me is bringing me a message about myself, life is transmitting me the emotion that I am really feeling. I comprehend the words that send me messages, but these words that I choose to represent me are inside the emotions I am experiencing, and that find the true reality. When I listen to my heart I find my true reality.


And so, let’s see, are many of the words I communicate to the world real emotions? Let’s hope so, I will make the effort to listen to myself inside my heart in this reality of moments, of hours, of days, what I give of myself to others, if it’s true, will become an emotion in my heart, only what I will collect inside me as an emotion will be the truth.


To all of you goes my wish for a situation of perfect cohesion between what you communicate with your words about you, and the life in the emotion that truly exists inside you.


I sweetly kiss with you all my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Emotions speak to you about yourselves in your events emotion is life was the Message dictated 8th September 2011




Emotions speak to you about yourselves in your events emotion is life


Emotions speak to you about yourselves


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