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Journey of evolution or unawareness for Soul

Journey of evolution or unawareness for Soul the way of the heart


Journey of evolution : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this moment is so precious, exchanging words to place awareness inside you; I feel you and I feel you crying for the problems that you all encounter, I take your tears upon myself and I listen to the suffering hearts, I understand tears in the pain and I understand all the illness you feel, and I understand those hearts who are aching, I understand, I understand the pain that is inside you, I keep telling myself, just how much suffering you are capable of inflicting among yourselves as brothers, so much denied Love, so much selfishness, so much indifference, brothers the journey you are all taking in life, and from this the importance for you, it’s the opposite of what I see, this journey through moments in life is in carrying yourselves in your own Love through your life, no suffering but joy in the contact, helping those who are suffering is a commitment, consideration toward every creature and Love for your brothers, solution of problems and safekeeping of earth who tends to all your needs; this is Love expressed on earth, this is the journey for you, this is the path that you are leading as you being yourselves on earth; this is what your Soul is working on as a choice, as it presents itself on life on earth.


As with every passage, you need to practically start from zero again, only having your heart to place on the field, and having experience, being a heart, of the heart of other people, and seeing yourself growing in the direction dictated by the heart. Your heart floods with joy as you notice that Love that is expressed by you, that feels the existence inside the heart whenever Love is being manifested, that only feels meaning as it fills with joy and it sings its life in the joy, this heart that draws meaning the moment it loves.


You are in the life, now, now you are living your journey, life for everyone is on this journey, your Soul is fulfilling this journey, your journey, you are undertaking, through your choice, a journey of evolution or unawareness, the way of the heart, of listening to the heart, of listening to the heart, or the way of silence, the way where it’s possible to fulfill your heart or the way of listening to a world that speaks of nothing, your heart brought to the world, or a world negated to your heart.


This is everyone’s journey, an important choice that confirms you, reaches your hearts, and is confirmation of you, taking upon yourselves illness and suffering is a confirmation of you, your full availability and respect and care are confirmation of you, in everything that you do you can affirm who you are.


I look at you and you are precious to my eyes, I would love for you to appear to your own eyes just as precious inside your heart.


I say goodbye to you with a great embrace and I continue to help you along the journey with Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Journey of evolution or unawareness for Soul the way of the heart was the Message dictated 7th November 2011




Journey of evolution or unawareness for Soul the way of the heart


Journey of evolution


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