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Freedom to be in the world

Freedom to be in the world my training field


Freedom to be in the world : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the whole world is your training field, where you are, where you live, where your life is, that is your training field; each person you meet, all brothers and all sisters that are in your world are essential components for your journey of growth; every event that crosses the path of the world you live in, is an event that is necessary to your growth; in every situation in which you find yourselves there is an element for your growth.


This allows you to grow, to develop, to make contact with your heart through your emotions, it’s the world you are living in.


I am, I am present in my life, this is my training field for me to grow in, I grow through my brothers and sisters, and every element is a presence from which I can grow. My growth gathers meaning from each experience I am going through, I am in that situation in that moment, in a different moment I am in another situation, everything I feel expressing inside me in that moment is an experience, and with that experience I am growing.


The person I am is inside me, and it’s expressing itself, I can touch myself in my essence as it expresses itself, I can evaluate myself in what I am expressing, I can reflect inside me if what I am expressing means carrying what is inside me, or perhaps a product of my many difficulties in being complete Love, like I could be in full freedom.


By listening to my heart in the moment I am living, as I am experimenting myself, I can feel if in that moment I am expressing myself for what I am, or if I allow my mind to obscure a certain emotion that I am feeling inside my heart; as I find myself comfortable, I am expressing myself in freedom, the same applies when my affection is returned, when what I feel is reciprocated, when it’s Love that is speaking from my mouth, from the heart, these are experiences where I express myself in freedom but then I know another moment where there is a contrast between what I am feeling in my heart and a different feeling, and so I control my freedom, thus making my feelings unreachable.


Pride immediately kicks in and through the words and the tone of those words the mind tries to overpower the other person, placing the value of me above that of the other, to remove value to the other person, coming out winning from this contrast becomes a priority.


Now I am explaining my reasons to the other person, what is in my heart, I feel relaxed even in the contrast, we are both the product of our experience built upon meeting others, and now, through my heart, I propose to the other what I am feeling, what has value for me and as I feel this, even if what I feel is not necessarily shared and it is not of value for the other, it is indeed of value for myself, and I feel my heart as it is expressing itself, I am, I notice, even in the moment of contrast. Therefore, by conquering the value of myself I am also conquering my freedom to be what I am, even in moments of disharmony with the world I am living in.


Knowing yourself, defining yourself through the act of listening to your own heart, this brings the message of what I truly am, it takes on value for itself, and upon the value conquered is the growth of freedom to be in the world, freedom to reflect and grow, and the Love conquered.


My brothers, my sisters, your evolution stems from your heart, my brothers and my sisters, your own heart affirms your evolution.


My brothers and my sisters, I am embracing you, I hold you tight to me, may every moment of your heart end up being an experience.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Freedom to be in the world my training field was the Message dictated 28th November 2011




Freedom to be in the world my training field


Freedom to be in the world


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