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Reflections on feeling

Reflections on feeling emotion means to feel the life


Reflections on feeling : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today’s topic is about the feeling, feeling emotions inside you, the feeling that, once heeded, allows you to experiment your Being while you are in contact with the world that surrounds you.


How much are you feeling? There are some brothers among you who are so distracted by things, by appearances, by noises, by all those bodies that accompany their own movement, as to not consider what they are feeling in the heart, in their own feelings; they walk past, the exchange looks, but it’s as if they were only meeting a body.


There are among you some brothers who cross life as they walk past others, they enter into contact with their lives with a word, looking at the expression of others, laughing at this expression, or becoming sad, because in the heart they feel the expression of their own feelings; for these brothers, the heart is saying “This is what I am feeling, this is my emotion, the expression of that brother or that sister is causing this inside me; the expression I am feeling is the consequence of what I am observing, of the life with which I am in contact, the expression of the feeling of the other person in this moment, I feel what that expression is generating within me, how much I feel speaks to me of the feeling of Love that I picked up on the expression of the other; this is what I am reacting to: the expression of Love from the other person; I always feel Love, Love when it is expression, and Love when it is denied. In the heart, everything has as meaning in relation to the feeling of Love. I am heart, feeling of Love.


Today, therefore, my brothers and my sisters, through careful listening of this heart, we understand how feeling inside an emotion means to feel the life of the other in the first place, and even the life that is inside, both in virtue of the effect upon us by the life of the other, and of the offering of our heart to the life of others.


Listening to our feeling, we feel life rise from within us toward others; by listening to our feelings, to the life that is expressing itself within us, we have awareness of the Love that we are releasing within us, or denying, or keeping locked up inside us, and through all this, we are experimenting nothing else other than us. I am that which the heart communicates to me.


Through every moment, my feeling will be speaking to me of the life that I am expressing from my Being, and as I gain experience of me, I will be able to face more and more the specific moments where I feel my freedom to be a feeling is being threatened in the heart, the freedom of my heart to Be Love, freedom which my heart is safeguarding, complete freedom to always be an expression of Love.


I embrace you with all of my heart, with all the Love I have for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Reflections on feeling emotion means to feel the life Messages from Jesus Christ 14th October 2013




Reflections on feeling emotion means to feel the life


Reflections on feeling


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