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Virgin Mary apparitions of the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary apparitions of the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary El Cairo Egypt december 2009 Warraq     


Only two months ago, on 11th December 2009, there was an apparition from the Virgin Mary in the town of Warraq, near Cairo. It is my desire to publish it for your information, I sought updated articles on the internet, what you see is dated 21st December, people are still gathering in large numbers in the square, in the hope of another apparition. Discovery: the manifestation of the “doves of light” took place several times in the following days, even the day before the following article was written.


(by Luciana Borsatti) (ANSAmed)

CAIRO, DECEMBER 21 - It is one of Cairòs poorest neighbourhoods, where the inner roads have never seen asphalt. But all the shops are open these nights to join the wait of people who are hoping to witness a new apparition of the Virgin Mary on the roof of the church. Wére talking about the Warraq neighbourhood, located in the Giza area, on the right bank of the Nile.

The first apparition occurred on December 11, slightly after one pm, and the first to take notice was a group of Muslims seated at a nearby café. Within a few hours the word had spread throughout all of Cairo, and since then masses of people have been coming in the hope of witnessing the event. Police forces are regulating traffic in order to avoid too much crowding on the main road, and the faithful are gathering in an orderly manner in a facing lot and in the church courtyard.

An official statement issued by the Copt bishop published by daily paper Watani states that on the first day the Virgin Mary appeared in all her height and in glowing robes, on top of the church's middle cupola, dressed in white and wearing a blue sash around her waist. She was wearing a crown on her head, above which you could see the cross which rises above the cupola". The report states that the event can be proven by images taken with cameras and cell phones.

But Beshay Lotfy, the priest of the Copt church, said that since then the Virgin Mary has not been seen again. She has been replaced by lights in the sky and especially by flocks of white birds (pigeons or doves). A person who works with the priest stated that last night they appeared again, first two and then eight in total, and they flew above the bell towers in front of some thirty to forty thousand people. People come in every night carrying chairs and other comforts from home.

They include many Muslims, as shown by the presence of veiled women, who wear the same expression of expectation, because in Islam the Virgin Mary is also worshipped as the mother of the prophet Jesus. Crowds also spill into the inner halls of the church, on the stairs and in the corridors leading to the place of worship proper.

Here people sit down or wait standing up, facing a large screen placed in front of the iconostasis which in Copt churches also separates the faithful from the altar; and the screen is showing the same images of the apparitions broadcast on facebook and youtube. Father Lotfy, a young and welcoming priest with a black beard, is surrounded by the faithful. He told ANSAmed that these apparitions are a sign of God telling us to have more faith and to live better. Here many people work too much, even up to midnight, while they should be dedicating more time to their families". Of course, he admits, "working a lot is not a sin, but we also need to think about the other life". But in the meantime his church has filled up with new faithful, many also come from outside of Cairo, and even the offers to the church are increasing.

Copt Pope Schenouda, who returned home today after a trip to the USA for medical care, will help to decide what to do with these offers, but they will certainly also be used to help people. And, he emphasized, in the meantime the doctors have certified the recovery of a 45-year-old woman who had lost her sight because of a disease.

Father Beshay emphasizes that relations with Muslims in the neighborhood are good: they all come from the countryside, it is simple people, most of them are poor". Even though, he added, the Imam of the nearby mosque chose to narrate, during his latest sermon, the theme of the real nature of Jesus, which according to Islam is human, and not divine.(ANSAmed).












Virgin Mary apparitions of the Blessed Holy Virgin Mary El Cairo Egypt december 2009 Warraq


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