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Life after death testimonies signs from life after death

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Hello my dear ones, I am Sara Luce. I need to make a short introduction to this wonderful testimonial which we bring you, together with Gigliola, Brigitte and the Sky.

A few years ago Gigliola’s son and Brigitte’s fiancée Manuele went back to the Father’s Home, and right from the very start he began using whichever channel possible to be able to get in touch with them. Their entire story, including the messages that Manuele has sent so far through Brigitte and Gigliola are listed in a wonderful book, truly extraordinary, which I had received from Gigliola and had the privilege of reading since it has not been published yet.

I deemed it important to make this introduction because after the pictures you will see you will also read the message that Brigitte received from the Sky.

Now I will step aside and let the testimonial do the talking.

Once again a hug to everybody, Sara Luce.

Dear Sara, today something really beautiful has happened, I want to share it with you, let me explain: Brigitte was looking at a picture of her father holding her in his arms when she was really little (yesterday was the first anniversary of his return to the Home of the Father) and she had downloaded his picture on her computer to erase some spots.



Suddenly, look what happened….



An eye! This is the enlargement of the detail….



Immediately afterward she received the following message…

3 November 2009

Present, clear and well projected toward a mission that unites us.

For you, dear creatures, we are here, we speak to all of you who, in one way or another, you have so many questions and seek constant answers especially while keeping the faith in a sacred place inside you.

Friends, open up your inner self to us, open up to this method of communicating without fear, without any doubt because what happens is a flower that is kissed by God.

The Universe takes shape and renews itself all the time even when it appears to be still.

The music suits you, our chosen channel, but remember that, just like we chose you, you chose us, and God blessed the fruit borne from the Tree of Awareness because everything that happens is supposed to happen; this energy motor must not stop at your mind and your heart, but you must make it available to your spirit which, in turn, will be pushed to release it even in other spirits.

“Everything is One”, this is not a new concept for you, you must remain awake all the time, alert and lucid, without losing the excitement of this shiver that signifies the state of mutual attraction in which we remain and we keep the commitment alive.

With a lot of light we will brighten up many questions, and everything must take place in the correct timing in which the perception is unequivocal, like today, because we know you from the inside, and we know how to send you signs that, we are certain, you pick up instantly, therefore you must singularly follow this instinct.

I have to thank you because I feel as if I can leave the tunnel of confusion in which I find myself, and I ask you if Manuele is also present.

I am here and I speak with their voice and they speak with mine and we bathe you in Love.

Am I allowed to ask questions now?

Yes, but we will answer you right away: He is here (my father), surrounded by waves of Love that take care of his spirit, he is not left alone and a guide has taken him under his protection, his name is Lionel, you may identify him by this name.

May God be blessed for his extreme mercy and His infinite goodness. Halleluiah to He who can redeem from the sins that kill the spirit and renews them to His wonderful and sweet light, tender or severe at the same time, as long as it imparts the suitable purposes to the spirit that is yearning to continue to recreate itself in His Love.

Please tell him (my father) that we love him so much and if he can hear our prayers especially those from my mother.

He hears everything, and we answer you with one unique voice which is also his; believe in this and gift him with your behavior, with your gifts of love, there is no feeling that is more generous than this.

He smiles and remembers his love; those who truly love him will always be able to feel him and there will be no possibility to deny his existence that continues to be.

Now, little flower from our garden, we need to water you thoroughly and make sure that you will not go without sun and that the cold may not damage you, and that the heat many not take away from you the possibility to smell the freshness of constantly knowing and feeling.

Remember, in the name of all of us, ALWAYS BALANCE, please, this word must be in all capital letters. We will not change our other missions, but a lot depends on you and on your willingness to let yourself be guided.

You always make the decisions but we always have the possibility to give you advice: this is the agreement regarding our undertaking.

Music helps your senses to better feel us, soon we will talk to you about the mystery of music and why It helps connect to us.

No names. It’s us and you will call us “Your friends”.

May God bless you, and may this blessing reach the entire circle and may this circle expand until it has no limits. Infinite Love for you.

So long, from us… your friends.

Excuse me, but, please, I would like to ask you if it was Manuele who brought you to me.

He is with us and we are with him, the bond of our spirits was already there; do you feel the touch right now on your head? Well, it’s all of us, and through one hand; do not imagine us in a line or in a circle, but imagine many Beings, all together, shining and taking on indefinite forms together until they play to perfection the instrument that they have in front of them.

Fight for Love, so that it may always be alive in every form and you will also learn to play any instrument you will choose.

See you soon, our friend.

Excuse me, another question for today and then we will part.

Go ahead.

I would like to create a group, even if small, together with Gigliola and Felice Masi.

You can do everything, what’s important is the balance and organization.

Begin by getting to know our energies and our call, their questions will have an answer and then there will be endless triumph.

Thank you to God who feeds you.

No, who feeds us.

Yes, thank you my friends. The questions that pop into my mind are many but I will have to get used to controlling them and to be more balanced when asking them.

How often will I be able to ask them?

Read again what you just wrote down and put it into practice, our little flower… we will speak soon, and stay connected with us in your reality which is also ours. Goodbye.

Please, do you know…. (I would like to know about the eye that showed up on the picture)

Yes, but we are smiling because we expected you to ask this question; believe us, we know you better than you know yourself; the rainbow on your hand (a rainbow appeared on my hand) is the sign from us and of this alliance that has always existed. We missed you!

The eye, you just need to look at it…. We can do this and much more, because God within us can do everything, and because of this nothing is impossible for us as long as it’s His Wish that wants to do it, or better, His wish is our wish that has received His approval. Is that clear?

Yes… but is this my father’s eye?

Yes, it’s your father’s eye, little flower. It’s a gift from Lionel to communicate to you the task for which he has been called upon; he is holding your dad’s hand and he describes him as a nice Soul!

We love you.

Bye, but we are smiling.

Isn’t it wonderful?

A great big hug, Gigliola


Life after death testimonies photo all of the Sky’s Love images signs from life after death picture

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