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Virgin Mary Apparition Of The Virgin Mary Video

Virgin Mary apparition of the Virgin Mary video in Petrignano Italy testimonial images evidence     


Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the town of Petrignano (Assisi, Italy).


On the 6th February 2010, in the small town of Petrignano, near Assisi, Italy, a tourist by the name of Fiorella participated in a prayer meeting in a large empty warehouse; there was also a lady by the name of Marija, one of the readers from Medjugorje.

The video she recorded with her cell phone was featured in the TV program Domenica, during the special episode called “Arena”, presented by Mr. Massimo Giletti.

Below you can see the video of the program.

During the episode Fiorella told the audience how she recorded the moment of prayer with her cell phone. After some time she watched the video again and noticed a luminous shape of a very peculiar shape right next to the reader. It was a silhouette with a profile very similar to that of a nun, even though neither Fiorella nor all other members of the group remembered seeing any nuns during the whole day.

The owner of the cell phone was put in contact with the journalist Paolo Brosio through a mutual friend, and then she was put in touch with the national TV broadcaster RAI, to whom the cell phone was handed over. Mr. Giletti confirmed several times over that a number of experts examined the cell phone and they testify that there is no sign of manipulation or alteration of the phone. RAI then broadcast a video of exactly the same event, taken by a local TV station, but from a different angle; in this case you could not see any shape at all. The image was nevertheless very easily seen even during the second part of the video taken with the cell phone.

Here is the video:




Virgin Mary apparition of the Virgin Mary video in Petrignano Italy testimonial images evidence


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