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The Other Side Picture Of Orb Love Of A Dog

The Other Side Picture Of Orb Love Of A Dog


The Other Side Picture Of Orb : dear Sara, as you know both Gianni and I are still suffering a lot from the loss of Milla (our little dog) who left us three years ago, so much so that when I read Rosanna’s testimonial, I wanted to tell her that, I, on the other hand, did suffer that incredibly painful experience; needless to say that we have her pictures everywhere, and, a while ago, I wanted to put one of them in a little frame, next to my computer, a picture I took in 2006 from my nephew’s cellphone.


Gianni looked at it and admired it (He no longer remembered that it was Giuliano who took it) and so, a few evenings ago, to give him a little gift, I decided to try to “take a picture of a picture”.


I clarify that I am not at all talented at taking pictures, and not even at transferring pictures from digital cameras  to PCS, however,  I did try, and … I managed to do it.


Just to be sure, I took three pictures, and, as it always happens, while I was looking at the image on the camera, it seemed to have come out pretty well, so I decided to save the pictures on Gianni’s laptop, with the intention of making the picture his desktop background picture. It turned out to be impossible (his laptop is not enabled for that) and so I saved it in the images folder: when I clicked on the picture ….. there was a splendid ORB that, obviously, I could not see before!!


I explained what ORBS were to Gianni, and then, even though I had it in a picture frame, I also wanted to save in on my own PC.


Let me arrive to the point: Gianni’s picture, when I opened it, had the usual measurement of 2 centimeters by 3, but when I clicked on mine … IT FILLS THE ENTIRE SCREEN!!!


I felt his love, his embrace with his “wet kiss” and his closeness


I will try to add it here (I had to resize with Paint because it would not fit)




And if this is not love …. please explain to me what it is!!!!


A big kiss and the usual thank you so much for existing, and for keeping me company in the love and in the many moments of anguish and in the many sleepless nights.


The Other Side Picture Of An Orb Love Of A Dog was the testimonial of Laura


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The Other Side Picture Of Orb


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