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Guardian Angel Stories Signs

Guardian Angel Stories Signs From My Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Stories Signs : hello everyone, I too have an experience I would like to tell, it happened to me some time ago after I read a testimonial on Sara Luce’s website, someone was asking for a sign from his Guardian Angel and he found a little pendant in a lift (Sara please correct me if it’s wrong because it’s been a while and I do not remember the story very well), in any case, after I read it I decided to ask my own Angel to give me a sign, to let me find a little Angel too.


I was at home that day, and I was wondering which Angel I could find in my house, since the only Angel I owned was a little ceramic one that was given to me as a gift and I did not even remember where I put it … there were no other Angels in my home, that I knew of …. so, I even thought that this was a nice tough test for my Guardian Angel!!


In any case, I do not remember if it was the very same evening or a few days later, when at that point I had even forgotten my request, I was not feeling well and in order to get better I decided to make myself a nice herbal tea (I never usually have herbal teas) and for the occasion, I took out the only cup in my possession that is suitable for herbal tea, it was given to me at Christmas and I hardly ever even looked at it because it was Christmas-themed and it had a picture of reindeers, Santa, etc.. (all this was in my mind!!!!) … in reality, there was only the picture of one, beautiful Angel!!!!!!


At that moment I immediately remembered my request ….


A goodbye to everyone







Guardian Angel Stories Signs From My Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Silvia


Guardian Angel Stories Signs From My Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Stories Signs


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