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Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love

Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love From Loved Ones In The Sky


Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love : a Big heart for me, testimonial of a curious fact that happened to me, one afternoon in February 2014, I don’t remember the exact day, I was watching TV and I saw a program with Barbara D’Urso interviewing Dalila Di Lazzaro, They were talking about signs from the sky or in any case signs of love that come to us from loved ones who are no longer in this life, following the interview there were pictures as a testimonial of what they were talking about (a heart shaped froth topping in a cup of coffee, a sewing thread that took on the shape of a heart, etc etc), the subject arose in me a curiosity on the subject, especially due to the recent loss of my beloved mum in January; a few days following the TV program, one evening when I was feeling particularly alone and sad for her absence, on a whim I decided to search on the internet for something that pertained that subject.


I put in as a search keyword “Signs from the other side”. Among the various results there was one testimonial that caught my attention: “Butterflies and hearts, signs of Love from our beloved ones on the other side.


(http://www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/afterlife/2520-butterflies-and-hearts-signs-of-love-from-afterlife-signs-life-after-death-love-coincidences-love.html). I opened it, and I found the letter from Federica … I read it and re-read it several times, looking at the picture of four hearts that was published with it. I was particularly taken aback by the detail of the pink/orange heart, maybe because of the color or the unusual elongated shape ….. I thought that it would be so nice if I too found a heart, a sign of love and of “presence” from my beloved mum.


Two days later I found the need to turn the Computer on again and to look again at that picture where there were the little hearts, and inside me I continued to hope to find one too, because I certainly could have benefited greatly from such comfort and immense joy.


Three days later, on the 24th of February, while I was leaving the house to run an urgent errand, I saw my boyfriend arrive toward me, we met on the main door step, I gave him a quick kiss and I left … but he grabbed me by the arm and told me “Wait a second!” …


He gave me a surprise, a large rock, the size of the palm of my hand, in the shape of a heart, slightly elongated, and the color was brown/orange. I was in a state of stupor, I did not even thank him but I immediately asked him where he found it and if he had tried to shape that rock into the form of a heart. But he replied that he simply found it, as is, by accident, a few days earlier, but he had forgotten to bring it to me.


I noticed his disappointment for the fact that I did not immediately appreciate his “romantic gesture”, but I promised him that upon my return I would show him something on the computer. He noticed I was acting strange, I was in a hurry and I left quickly. I noticed that he took it badly, he did not understand what was happening …. I realized inside me that the rock did not really come from him, but that he was a “means” of getting it to me, a sort of a specially selected postman …. in that moment I had no doubt over my emotions. In the meantime I also noticed how my heart filled up with joy and my mood immediately jumped up to being happy.


Later on that day I opened up the PC with my boyfriend; I told him about my secret desire, and together we noticed that the heart that I was holding in my hand was just like the one pinkish/orange from the picture that was published.


(I have to specify that my boyfriend had not known anything about my desire or of my research on the pc, I am the only one with access to it, and I hope I did not simply overreact to my emotional state that I was living in that moment, undermining what could possibly have been just a simple romantic gesture)




Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love From Loved Ones In The Sky was the testimonial of Marusca


Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love From Loved Ones In The Sky


Signs From The Other Side Signs Of Love


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