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Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs

Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs Of Golden and Azure Light


Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs : dear Sara Luce I am sending you a picture that was taken in Val Pusteria Italy last summer, I took the picture at the Lake Braies in Val Pusteria at the end of August 2013, the area is beautiful, there is a little stream that comes from the glaciers all around it and it flows into the lake, in the picture I wanted to capture some rocks that looked like they were on top of each other, they were stunning.


The camera was set up with the setting “flash” and in fact you can see some light among the trees. But it’s a very artificial effect that I wanted to try because the camera was brand new and in any case, that setting does not produce globes of light, but more like flashes.


Other photos I took are normal, but in this one you can see three large, luminous orbs, the center one has an azure tone to it, while the others are golden in color.




The lake is a natural lake and it’s of an extraordinary beauty. My daughter Sofia (8 years old) told me that near the lake she could feel it strongly (“I felt an immense energy” were her words) and in fact we were also fascinated by this place. It’s not a tourist location … around it there are not many constructions … I don’t remember very well. The stones, piled up like that, were done on purpose by hikers, I don’t know how it started but even when I was in Greece once, on a trip, I noticed on the seafront two young men who were doing the same thing. I read something about this custom in a book of Hernan Huarache Mamani and maybe there is something similar also in Tibet. From what I gathered, the act of piling up stones one on top of the other is a form of meditation Zen called stone balancing … something admittedly a little basic if you wish (you may have seen those posters with pebbles one on top of the other, or the screensavers). I do not know the real meaning. I believe it’s about immersing in nature, an act of concentration to reach a balance between the rocks and thus an internal equilibrium.


Perhaps this place, a place of water (lake, stream), of rocks (The Dolomites right up above it, the rocks on top of one another) and sky (the real sky and the one reflected on the lake) inspire in people a deep spirituality that reaches as far as the sky.


My daughter Sofia firmly believes in the fairies since she was tiny, and she believes that it was fairies.


With affection, thank you!


Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs Of Golden and Azure Light was the testimonial of Claudia and Sofia


Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs Of Golden and Azure Light


Giant Orbs in Val Pusteria Italy Orbs


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