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The Angelic Cures For Sadness

The Angelic Cures For Sadness and Melancholy


The Angelic Cures For Sadness : dear Sara, I am searching for my Angel, or better, I found it, almost five years ago I lost a son due to a car accident, I can say that I am relatively serene now because I have faith in our Celestial Father and Jesus and Mary, but not all days are the same to me, sometime the nostalgia arrives and that’s when I am in trouble, that’s when I turn to my Angel with more insistence, and he never fails to let me feel his closeness.


Here is a picture of the heart that formed in the froth, on one of those morning when I was feeling very sad, what can I say, in an instant I regained my serenity. It was a perfect heart, I was surprised but not exceptionally surprised because the night before I had spoken to him of my sadness. I was a little late in taking a picture of it because I wanted to send you my testimonial right away, the heart shape opened up a little bit but it is still beautiful.


A hug to you and my Angel




The Angelic Cures For Sadness and Melancholy was the testimonial of Marisa


The Angelic Cures For Sadness


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