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Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages

Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages From Our Guardians


Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages : those who believe in Angels know very well that seeing or finding hearts of any type means that the Sky is sending you messages, I think that every day it can happen to us to find them, but we do not see them, or find them, or are aware of them, then there are those hearts that we find following a specific and direct request from our own Angels, like in the case of many people whose testimonials I have read, including my little soap bar that melted into the shape of a heart.




Many people may think that there is nothing special behind it, but for me this is a signal from the Angels to remind me: We are here!! One day, I was preparing some home made pizza, it was about a month ago. At that time I was feeling very tired, stressed out and worried. I was looking at the tomato sauce on the pizza base, I had noticed that I did not have enough sauce for the entire pizza, so I stopped to make a little more sauce …. In the meantime my daughter, who was standing beside me, made me notice that beautiful perfect heart … I was so preoccupied with being worried and anxious about everything, I would have never even noticed it. Sara Luce, you can not imagine what joy …. This gift made my smile return on my lips, and it made me forget my worries …..




But the strongest emotions came with finding the pebbles. One day, it was a Sunday, I went to visit my grandparents in the countryside (I have been going there ever since I was born, but it’s the first time that I found them in the shape of a heart). It was last autumn, it was not cold yet, the sun was out, so I decided to go for a nice walk in the fields, immersed in nature …. there you can breathe clean air, you can hear birds chirp but at the same it is also very quiet … as I was walking I thought of my Angel … I thanked him for the love that he gives me, for never getting tired of me and for being so patient with me …. and so for the entire walk, I would have never imagined it … when I walked my way back I happened to look down, on a white stone that was in the shape of a heart due to the soil that was covering it … in fact it was like a stone set in a cast of earth. And then that grey stone above it … also in the shape of an upside down heart.


I think that if I had walked there a day earlier or a day later, or if it had rained, if the soil had been moved,  I would have never been able to see that heart shape.




Goodbye, a hug to everyone


Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages From Our Guardians was the testimonial of Katia


Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages From Our Guardians


Believers In Angels Hearts And Messages


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