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What are the globes of light in the pictures

What are the globes of light in the pictures images


What are the globes of light in the pictures : dearest and sweetest Sara Luce, I want to tell you something that in my opinion is extraordinary, I had been meaning to do this for a long time, but I was not sure about what had happened to me, and so I hesitated to do it right away; I have been following your site for several years now, I accidentally found your wonderful website, since then I harbored a very strong interest for Angels, and for everything that surrounds them.


I learned that in our lives nothing happens by accident, that there are coincidences and I was even able to notice this by myself, because as I paid attention to everything that was happening to me, I realized that “someone” interacts often with us. And when you pay a little attention the one time, you can not help but notice all of the other times.


Lately my daughter and I went through a rough patch, because of this economic crisis that is rather prevalent, bringing with it stress and health issues.


Despite this, our faith never faltered, on the contrary, this situation was one more reason to cling on to something or Someone that we know never abandons us …. my husband and I do it all the time, and we involve our children too, we always ask our Angels to ALWAYS be numerous around us, we visualize them around us, feeling their strong energy, feeling their positivity that sends us serenity and love. And one day, in my opinion, they wanted to manifest themselves very clearly, exactly on the day o the communion of my child, 20 days ago.


That was the first day in which my husband was feeling well, despite a long bout of stress …. 10 minutes before leaving the house we decided to take a picture with the usual digital camera that we have been using for 4 years now. We took about twenty pictures, one after the other, in the same point of the room, and in the evening, when we downloaded the pictures, we found a nice surprise in the computer.


In 4 of them there were some small globes of lights, also known as orbs, perfect round shapes with a very luminous border … you can not imagine my emotion .. at the beginning, naturally, we had our doubts. Since I am not an expert on digital camera I thought it was dust, maybe some insects … but then I would tell myself …. they are so very perfect …. the following day was the same …. in my grandmother’s house …. a dozen of pictures, there were some globes here and there in about three of them.


The following days my curiosity peaked, I was taking pictures all the time, in my house, at all hours of the day, and in every room, with and without light in the room, with and without flash, these globes kept appearing, not in every picture, and never in the same place as before. In the end I wanted to learn more about it, and I looked on the internet to find out more, and I found the answer I was looking for. Even a NASA scientist proves the existence of such orbs.


Now I shall attach some pictures, if you can, please call me with your opinion …


A heartfelt thank you







What are the globes of light in the pictures was the testimonial of Katia


What are the globes of light in the pictures images


What are the globes of light in the pictures


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