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Experiences In Lourdes A Wonderful Orb

Experiences In Lourdes A Wonderful ORB In The Pictures


Experiences In Lourdes : dear Sara Luce, there is no problem with you being late in answering my email, I understand you must receive so many of them, this one is nice because in my opinion it is a clear and unequivocal sign that we all need Jesus; like I mentioned to you, last February I went to Lourdes, such a WON-DER-FUL place, it was the anniversary of Bernadette’s apparitions.


I assure you that it is very difficult to describe in a few lines what you feel when you are in Lourdes, I confess that I do not practice my religion very much, but even so, when I arrived in Lourdes and stood next to the Madonna, I barely contained my tears, I felt like a river, asking the Madonna and telling her about m most personal life details (even now, as I write to you, my mind is revisiting our trip and tears are flowing, at the age of 51).


Many people say, and I agree, that the real Madonna Of Lourdes is the one you take home with you, as you face with love and mercy all that life presents you, and believe me, sometimes this is difficult for me to do, I don’t know about other people, because we all fight with a world that is cynical and quick to judge you.


Anyway, back to Lourdes, I suggest you go, and when you are in front of the Grotto, simply surrender, speak intimately with our celestial mother.


Another touching moment of Lourdes was the international Mass and the torchlight procession on the 11 of February. You see a lot of people in wheelchairs, problems with getting around, or with other SERIOUS problems, always always always with a SMILE ON THEIR FACES, SERENE, and I confess that I feel a little envy for them, because in my opinion they truly practice what the Gospel says, and I personally tend to often forget that.


I will add another testimonial that I saw with my own eyes. I asked confirmation later to my brother with whom every year I travel together, and he confirmed all of it.


One day, I was walking around the gardens in Lourdes (they have a French name but I do not recall how it is spelled) when I noticed a lady with a long robe, the same that Padre Pio used to wear, with a light blue veil, she was BAREFOOTED, she had various plastic bags with her, I followed her and I noticed that she was stopping at every homeless person, and she would bring out a plate of hot pasta and bread. She would stop there to talk to the person briefly, they would both do the sign of the cross, and this is what she did every day, she would go to the grotto and beyond it, helping all the homeless of the area. I DO NOT SAY MORE, how many of us, personally, would be truly willing to do something like that!!!??? This is LOVE and MERCY, she is closer to GOD than all of us who go to Church every Sunday, I STOP HERE, otherwise I will be like a river that is overflowing. I stop here otherwise I would have so much to tell you.


I attach a picture. Just like every good pilgrim I did take some pictures and as I was looking at them again at home I noticed one in particular, taken at the Via Crucis hill. Not being very experienced, I am not able to explain this picture: it is a round globe, with an orange background. IT LOOKS LIKE AN ORB.


image orb in lourdes


Goodbye Sara Luce


Experiences In Lourdes A Wonderful Orb In The Pictures was told by Maurizio


Experiences In Lourdes A Wonderful Orb In The Pictures


Experiences In Lourdes


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