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Confirmation Of Life After Death

Confirmation Of Life After Death Two Four-Leaf Clovers


Confirmation Of Life After Death : dear Sara I wanted to share this joy with you, it happened ten days ago, sorry for the delay; it’s been three years since my mother returned to the Home Of The father and you already know that my dear nephew also returned there very prematurely and tragically, his name is Pietro, and Maria is my mother’s name, Pietro has always given us signs of his presence especially to my sister, it happens daily and it’s noticeable also by other people who are present when it happens, he is also very affectionate with me.


Since my mum returned Home those signs have doubled in number … on one occasion, when I was particularly nervous, I remember saying: OK, that’s enough, mum, if you are there too let me know, otherwise I think I will go insane!


I gave her a way to let me know; I asked her to let me find a clove … if I found it, that would remove all doubts.


It’s been a year since I asked her … and I will not deny that lately I had been walking with my head hanging low … hoping for a sign … however, just when I had stopped thinking about it …. here comes my husband, asking me to bring some recyclable organic refuse to a little lot of land that we own … I looked on the ground to check on the vegetables … and this is what I found, standing out among the thousands of three-leaf clovers …


two four-leaf clovers from after death


… she wanted me to find it in that little plot of land that she loved so much …. as opposed to any place … the strange thing is that there were two of them … as I plucked the big one, another smaller one cam with it, which was hiding below it.


It was such a beautiful thing for me, I wanted to share it with you.


A kiss to you sweet Sara … thank you for everything


Confirmation Of Life After Death Two Four-Leaf Clovers was told by Melina


Confirmation Of Life After Death Two Four-Leaf Clovers


Confirmation Of Life After Death


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