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Clairaudience hearing the voices of the dead

Clairaudience hearing the voices of the dead experiences


Clairaudience hearing the voices of the dead : dear Sara, my mother is 82 years old, and I call her every day, after work, to know how her day went; one day, I believe it was the 20th of May, I called my mother as usual, and during our chat, for a few seconds, I perceived a ‘strange silence’, and so I asked her “mum, are you there? mum, are you there??”


My mother replied “Vivian, did you also just hear uncle Alberto speak ???”


She was referring to her brother, who had already passed to a better life.


Basically, my mother suddenly no longer heard my voice, the communication with me was interrupted, and my voice was replaced with uncle Alberto’s voice, who had passed a few months prior; he was saying “Franca, where are you, why don’t you answer the phone? I have been calling you for a long time, where were you?”.


My mother was perturbed by the “telephone interference” for a very long time after that, to date she is still not able to understand how it was even possible to have had such a communication!.


I know that our loved ones are becoming ever more technologically savvy and take advantage of technology to communicate with us!.


Besides, my mother already has a connection with the other side, she has been seeing my late father for a few years now, but with him the communication is only clairvoyant.


She had not yet developed clairaudience!.


As you know, I personally developed my connection with my Guardian Angel, the Archangel Uriel and other Archangels, but the journey of awareness is a long one!.


I am giving you a hug, Sara, you are a true “light”, and I hope one day to be able to meet you in person, since I also live in Rome.


I wanted to tell you one last thing, the words that my uncle used on the telephone that day with my mother, that was a sentence that my uncle always used to say to her, whenever my mother did not answer the phone promptly!.


And one last thing, yesterday, during a moment of discouragement due to my personal situation, my Angel made his presence felt to me, he made the light in my kitchen flicker for about 20 minutes; the amazing thing is that as soon as someone arrived, it stopped flickering and stayed on until the evening!, lately, my angels often seem to communicate to me through light!.


So long, I am sending you hug with a lot of affection.


Clairaudience hearing the voices of the dead experiences is the testimonial from Vivian


Clairaudience hearing the voices s of the dead experiences




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