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What you feel while you are pregnant

What you feel while you are pregnant what you experience


What you feel while you are pregnant : hello everyone, I would like to talk to you about my experience, my memories, memories of what you feel during your own mother’s pregnancy, the memories of the most important spiritual experience or out-of-body experience or, I don’t even know how to call it; all I know is that I have these memories I would like to share with you, memories of the beginning of my conception, memories of when I was in my mother’s womb, memories, or even better said, memories I have of the moments I was in the Sky before my birth on earth.


I was supposed to be born during the first days in June, but I was born at the end of March, my mother was seriously ill and the doctors told her that in order to save my life I was going to have to be delivered prematurely with a C section; that’s how I was cut out from my mother’s womb; I clearly remember looking at the doctors, with their masks, looking at them reaching for me and pulling me out, afterward I remember it was a little painful and traumatic, I don’t know for sure if they were holding me upside down to make me cry or not, but I do remember the pain, the stinging when they cut the umbilical cord.


I remember I was kept in the hospital a very long time, I was so small the doctors feared for my lungs, my heart and my eyesight, from what I was told from my parents, my heart and lungs were not fully developed and they gave me medication to favor their development, and if that was not going to work, especially for the heart, the doctors would have no choice but to perform open heart surgery.


I was placed in an incubator with tubes and other cables around me, I remember I was playing with them because they looked strange, I remember I was inside a room with other incubators that I often looked at; I remember I had a bad experience when the doctors had to do some test on my eyes.


I remember them taking me to a dark room and placing something like a clip on my eyes to force them open, I remember seeing an illuminated graphic; I remember mostly the fear and the pain I was feeling, because even though I was hearing kind voices, I imagine they were reassuring me, the reality of having these strange clips on my eyes was a very uncomfortable and strange experience for me; as an adult, talking to my parents, I had proof that my recollection of those events was accurate, and for me this was a kind of reassurance that I was indeed able to remember those events.


Now, going back even further, I don’t know if I was lucky or if I was gifted, but I even have memories of when I was inside my mother’s womb; the first thing I remember is that I slept a lot, and whenever I was awake I always tried to understand what I saw, I heard, felt and tasted; I remember that it was dark, like seeing black for most of the time, some other times I saw dark red, other times, like when my mother was outside or in a well illuminated room, I could see orange and yellow.


My mother worked as a waitress while she was pregnant with me, I remember many times I was woken up abruptly by noisy groups of people talking, it sounded very much like the incomprehensible noise you hear when you first enter a crowded room; I remember that whenever I was woken up abruptly from loud noises like the ones from those people, I would start kicking and kept on kicking until I felt better; another important thing I remember was trying different things, I remember somehow trying the taste of chocolate, much later I found out that my mother, while pregnant with me, ate chocolate doughnuts.


Now it’s very difficult to tell you that, for what I know, this has been one of the first, if not the very first memory I had of something, as far as I can remember, I was in a state of almost like de-incarnated, surrounded by an essence, of a brilliant golden light; I remember that this entity had enormous hands and cradled me and caressed me in his hands; I remember it had a very deep voice, strong and potent, and yet at the same time also gentle and loving, I don’t know with certainty what it told me, because I could not understand its language spoken in that moment, but I could think in matter of concepts, or feeling emotions, and through these I was able to easily understand if someone was talking to me lovingly, sadly, or angrily.


I remember at one point I was in the most wonderful state of peace and love, and up until today, in my whole life, I never felt anything like it; I remember I had seen spirits or spiritual bodies of other children who were about to be adapted to their earthly bodies, they were in a kind of a vortex around this powerful entity that was holding me and it even felt like they could come out every time it spoke.


At one point, I remember the entity grabbing me from my cradled position and placing me on its shoulder as if trying to show me something, then it took me between its hands one last time, and then I found myself going down, back to front, down a dark tunnel, while I was still seeing a glimpse of light where I was previously, and then, almost as in a dive, I found myself in my own body.


I remember that once I was in my body it immediately felt like a wonderful and powerful experience, and that if I had to remember it, I did not think with those exact words, or even with words, but I thought through concepts or even feelings.


Well, this is the end of my story of my memories, this is my story, my experience.


What you feel while pregnant what you experience are the words from Ivano


What you feel while pregnant what you experiences


What you feel while pregnant


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