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Prayer to merciful Jesus

Prayer to merciful Jesus the gift of immense joy


Prayer to merciful Jesus : dear Sara I tell you about the prayer to merciful Jesus, the Lord gives you the sore and he gives you the balm to heal the wound that, especially when it comes to your own child, the pain is so great that your own life no longer has meaning, and it’s true, if you ask Jesus for something from the heart, he is merciful and he answers your prayers; it happened to me too, my father died 8 years ago, a heart attack, even though he was 80 I felt as if he was stolen from me; after a year I still  missed him so much, one day I was thinking to myself, with my heart in my hand, just how much I wanted to be able to see him just one more time; that evening I went to sleep and for the entire night we were together, my dad and I, he was not dead, he was alive, I felt such immense joy; Jesus had answered my prayers,  it was an indescribable joy.


Prayer to merciful Jesus the gift of immense joy are the words from Sabina


Prayer to merciful Jesus


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