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Animals go to Paradise

Animals go to Paradise my little dog is in the Sky


Animals go to Paradise : dear Sara, I was home, it was almost sunrise when my little dog was fighting between life and death at a veterinary clinic, I had dropped her off there a few hours earlier, they were going to let me visit her in a few more hours; suddenly I saw out of nowhere the most beautiful butterfly, its wings were long, striped, oblong, it looked so surreal it seemed to have come straight out of a Disney cartoon; I was speechless, I thought I was dreaming, but I was still in my living room, reading prayers hoping for my dog to get better; just to make sure I was truly present, I decided to stand up and go to my bedroom, and that’s when the butterfly disappeared.


I felt a profound anguish, I did not think that was a good sign, perhaps, no, I did not want to think about anything negative, I was so exhausted I went to bed and fell asleep.


Unfortunately, the confirmation from the veterinary arrived two hours later, my little dog’s heart had stopped beating a couple of hours earlier.


Animals go to paradise my little dog is in the Sky is the experience of Carlotta


Animals go to Paradise


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