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Who are our Guardian Angels

Who are our Guardian Angels the Love of God for us


Who are our Guardian Angels : each one of us has the awareness of being, of existing, I am, I am here now, I am here right now, I am the experience that I matured, I am the emotions that I have lived, I am the sum of all my choices, I am every memory, I am every emotion, I am breath, I live, I feel, I move, I interact, I have relationships, I think, every experience I lived is inside me. I am; I am alive and I live in this experience, in this moment of experience that I call today; I am.


Each one of us has the awareness of being.


Not everyone has the awareness of Being, being with the capital B, because to Be with the capital B means the recognition of our true Being, of our real essence: to recognize our true Being we have to recognize that we are Spirit, Spirit in a body, Spirit in its journey on earth to gather experience and to bring experience of itself around us.


At this time of our journey, of the talks we have been holding, of all the proofs and testimonials that I gave you, for you it is evident, however, let’s give time to everyone, with a brief recap, to catch up with us and to continue together in this journey of discovery or rediscovery of the true meaning of life.


In the first chapter


even through the photographs I let you know about the real existence of the Soul, and that death does not really exist;  in the second chapter


we have seen what you experience as a Soul during the time of passing, the moment of passage from life in the physical body to the life without a physical body, and discovered that each one of us is Emotion, is heart, is feeling; this is our true Essence; in the third chapter


we entered into contact with the Sky by means of the stories of those who experienced an NDE, you read their experiences, you felt their emotions; in the fourth chapter


we understood how the contact with the Sky changed their view of life on earth, and how this contact, of teaching for all of us, brought to their attention the real meaning of the experience that each one of us is having on earth: to love, to be expression of your Love, experimenting yourselves in your Love. In the fifth chapter


we saw how we prepared for our descent on earth, we are in the right place and at the right time for our experience of growth, we are in the optimal conditions for our personal evolution. We understood that as we arrive on earth, to undergo our experience of growth, we are not abandoned to ourselves, but instead we are lovingly followed by the Sky with each step we take.


Let’s give time to those who did not have the opportunity to read the previous chapters to do so, let’s wait for them without hurry, today I will talk to you of Angels and miracles …. wow!!! yes, I will talk to you of the great illusion that we have, the illusion that our physical eyes seem to have that we are alone, even though we are never ever alone, we simply can not see with our physical eyes the Spirit that is next to us, nobody is alone, it’s just an illusion, pure illusion a physical illusion, Love is always with us.


And why is Love so far away from us, given the difficulty that each one of us has to go through when we incarnate on earth? Would you leave your own child on the street, without guidance, without some loving supervision from afar? The Sky does that, this is Love … discreet eyes upon us, discreet voices in our heart to help us, to give us advice us on what’s best, to give us advice on what is best for us, sweet words and affection to fulfill the objective that each one of us assigned ourselves before our arrival on earth, and, a nice radiant smile welcoming us back when we return Home.


The Love of the Sky is all for us, just for us, just to help us with this experience. Remember these words: the Love of the Sky is all for us.


At this point everyone should have read the previous chapters, and cherished the experiences that I have brought to you, which proves that I brought, the reflections I suggested, then there is always someone that is in a hurry and will say “I will read them later”… They just want to be together with us and proceed on … but the article I am writing, will be ‘cemented’ on the internet, ready for you to be read any time you want …. so, do take your time, listen to the preciousness of the Love I have already sent to you.


Done? Ok, let’s continue on.


While we were still in the Sky, we were assigned to the care of a Guardian Angel, this Angel was tasked by the Father with being next to us during our journey on earth, this Angel has a lot of responsibility towards us, but rather than feeling it as a responsibility, an Angel feels it as love for us.


An Angel, the Love of an Angel, it represents the Love from God for all of us, in every moment of our journey. An Angel, every Guardian Angel, represents the God’s Love for us inside his own same Love.


And no matter how much you think you love your Guardian Angel, it’s nothing compared to the Love that your Angel feels for you.


Every Angel is a pure concentrate of Love … maybe it is our objective to reach this level, but our Guardian Angel already reached this level! Therefore we just have to learn from our Guardian Angel.


Before we are born, as you already found out, we have had the opportunity to spend time with our Guardian Angel, planning together our lives that we were about to start on earth …. did we choose our Guardian Angel? Did the Angel choose us among the many candidates? Both options are a probability, what we do know is that there is perfect synchrony between us and our Angel, regardless of who chose who!


We are here to evolve and our Guardian Angel will be evolving too while helping us. Everything is a continuous evolution in the Sky, remember this word: evolution. Everything evolves all the time, every part of the All (and each one of us is a part of it) contributes through its evolution to the evolution of the All. In the Sky nothing is still, in reality everything is evolution and it is in evolution. The final word will be Love, the original word, but in the meantime everything is evolution, the all that we all form part of, we are all in evolution toward Love.


Wonderful, now you understood everything, let’s go back to the experience that we live from earth. The human eyes, the vast majority of human eyes do not see the Spirit and therefore do not have the opportunity to see Angels in their reality … you must have seen on internet thousands of images of them, usually drawings, clouds in the shape of an Angel, inspiring quotes that talk of Angels, but fortunately for me and for you, over the course of the years, I have collected the testimonials that are featured on the website www.thewordsoftheangels.it that also have pictures of real Angels … let’s start with this gem of a testimonial …


We are in Medjugorje, to be precise, Salvo is in Medjugorje and during the Mass he decides to take some pictures. At the beginning he did not see anything unusual, just like many other pictures, but then, once he enlarged it, he saw three lights.


Photos of three Angels in Medjugorje


He enlarged it even more and he saw for himself and for all of us, that the reader had said that the Madonna was accompanied by three Angels.


Image of three Angels in the Sky


In the following evening, during the wonderful event, Salvo looked up in the Sky and noticed a “special” light once again, he took some pictures and when he enlarged them this is what he saw


Photos of a true Angel


Well, this is a great gift from the Sky to all of us, the possibility to see the picture of a real Angel! Actually, three real Angels, following the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje.


When Marina was taking a picture of herself before heading out to the dance club, she certainly did not imagine that her Guardian Angel was right there, ready, and he wanted to show up in the picture together with her …


Image of a Guardian Angel


And Denis, guided by the Sky, was able to take this other image


Image Angel of the mountain


I will highlight it so you can better see it


Highlight Angel of the mountain


Immense for our human parameters


But it’s just a question of condensation, the more the energy wishes to be seen, and this is only done for our good, the more the energy concentrates and it becomes perceptible to us through our camera.


I have another jewel to show you, another gift for all of us from the Sky, the picture of another Angel’ this picture was taken in the town of San Bonico in Piacenza, where for the last ten years there have been apparitions from the Madonna to the seer Celesta, and she donates a Message to everyone. The Madonna is always accompanied by three Angels, look at this sweet picture taken by Evelino.


Image of the face of an Angel in San Bonico


This picture was amazing, don’t you think?


Up to now we talked about images, now let’s talk about Love, the Love of Angels, the Love of Guardian Angels …. well, those who already opened up to the contact with their own Guardian Angels could tell you of their wonderful emotions they went through, the heart that becomes one enormous smile, the surprise and the wonder, the joy, but even the lightness, the wisdom, understanding, compassion, support, the encouragement, the strength, the sympathy, and each one of us could go on and on talking about this …. but perhaps in this moment I feel it might be more important for you to listen to the words from a Guardian Angel, these words you will read, and I invite you to listen to them from the heart, they are the words that were dedicated by a Guardian Angel to Mauro Quattrina, the human under his care. What can better represent the Love of a Guardian Angel if not his own words and emotions? Well, come close to the Love of an Angel, it’s the Love that your own Guardian Angel feels for you in his heart.



You are for me the most important thing

That exists

You are my reflection on earth.

How could you conceive

A life without me in it?

I am the contact you were seeking

I am that thing that is inside sunsets

And in sunrises

It is not understood

But it exists

Inside you.

I am the ring that links earth

To the light

Your mind to the creation

I am

That who lives the joy

Of the light of the Absolute

To give it to you,

Day after day.

I am the mirror

That reflects God’s light

In the dark room of your life

To give you strength

Little plant

Of a terrestrial conscience

Always ready to let yourself go


I am the light of knowledge

I am the Way of the Divine Conscience

That moves to act

The creativity, the music,

The Art, the beautiful

It all starts from me

For you

And it all starts from the Angels for everyone

I am,

We are,

The strength of the right

Of good on evil

We are the nucleus of thought

And human philosophy

We are the best part of you

And the first thought of God

I will be close to you

When the Absolute will ask you

To give him a list

Not a list of the bad things you did

Because those will be forgiven

But of the good things you did

And I will be defending you,

Because my love for you

Is infinite


We are a journey to follow,

So you may understand

That too many people

Only lives for

The fear of death

Angels work

To prepare the easiest road

Between you and the light,

Not the shortest one.



It’s touching, it’s so moving to feel these vibrations of Love from our Guardian Angels, look what this day brought to you, would you ever have guessed this morning, as you opened your eyes after your rest, that before the was over you would be feeling so close to the Love of the Angels? This life, we open up, we open our heart, we open the doors of our heart and the Love flows inside us.


Enjoy this serenity that the Love of the Angels left inside your heart, don’t rush, savor it, let’s all savor it.


Here this is the Love that the Father placed next to us to be our guide and support in the realization of the project we came to develop in this moment of life here on earth.


And in the unawareness in which we live, the Sky and our Guardian Angel will do the utmost to guarantee to us the full realization of the journey that we had drawn in the Sky: our evolution, our specialization as Souls in one or more aspects of Love.


Guaranteeing the full realization of the journey that we came to develop also means protection. Even physical protection if possible, to allow us the full development of our project.


And so it happens that an Angel, within a few seconds, may have to intervene to guarantee the continuation of our life on earth, a Guardian Angel will always do everything possible.


Now it’s the time for testimonials.


The first testimonial is one of my own testimonials ...


In those days, several years have passed since then, we were organizing the Convention on Angels at the site of Villa Mercede. They were days full of phone calls, contacts, problems and solutions to problems, in a nutshell, my mind was full of thoughts.


We had an appointment to meet in Villa Mercede, this Villa within the city of Rome faces the Via Tiburtina road, one of the most important arteries into the city, and naturally it is very congested with traffic; in that tract of road there are two lanes, one each direction, and very often there is a line of cars waiting at the red light waiting for the green light to arrive.


I was walking and talking about the Convention and of the agreements that we had to establish with the library, my mind was concentrated on that, and not on the traffic. The light was red, the cars were waiting in line, and to take the shortest route, instead of crossing on the pedestrian lines at the light, I did what we often do here in Rome in these circumstances, I walked between one car and the other, without looking if there was another car coming up, my mind made the assumption that nobody would have dared “try to be smart”, and passing the entire column of cars by invading the opposite lane.


Well, while I was still talking, I had arrived almost at the limit of the fender of the car that was stationary waiting for the green light when ….  it’s as if I had hid against an enormous glass, I was plastered against it, my chin was upward, and the head was reclined to the back, I felt no physical pain but, how can I explain this, only a strong sensation that I could not keep walking further, I used the word glass because it was transparent, but the feeling was much softer than hitting glass, it’s like when we try to push an inflated balloon with our hands, with the only different that I felt that sensation with my whole body.


I barely had time to think “What on earth is going o …” and a car flew right in front of me, and what my mind assumed would never have happened actually happened!


The speeding car would have certainly hit me, if my Angel had not stopped me, I would have been in the exact trajectory of the car. The driver of the car wouldn’t possibly have had time to brake because he was driving very fast.


And now let’s look at Federica’s testimonial.


It was almost two years ago, I was in the car with two cousins, we were going to see the presentation from one of our favorite singers of his new CD. That day was raining hard, the roads were treacherous, and on top of that my cousin’s car had been having some problems with the brakes for a while.


We approached a very dangerous bend, the car lost control and we found ourselves within a few seconds from very likely hitting a cement divider, which would have had tragic consequences. Instead, the situation was resolved very quickly: we found ourselves gently pushed back into the lane by someone, my cousin usually gets really frantic in similar situations, however this time she managed to very calmly regain control of the car, and after a few seconds we were back on the road, and we were staring at each other in shock, it was as if nothing had happened.


Yes, you understood correctly Sara Luce, we were heading for a full frontal impact with the cement block, and if we had not been “placed” back on the right track, we could have easily ended up on the other lane.


Even other drivers, who witnessed the scene, were incredulous, two young men approached our car when we were stopped at a traffic light a little further down, they looked at us with a speechless expression on their faces, as if to say “It is impossible for you not to have gotten hurt”. We reassured them that we were safe and they calmed down.


We all knew that someone had helped us, both us and our car were completely scratch free, and this would not have been possible without the help from up above during the moment of the impact.


We very much thank our guardian Angels for saving us that day, and I always thank God for assigning such a beautiful creature to protect me, who is always next to me.


And then Valeria’s testimonial


When I was 8 years old I was saved by my Angel … I was about to be hit by a train arriving to the station. I have always remembered that episode, I thought it was a dream because it was too surreal to be real. Well, I had a scar on my leg until I was 20 years old, waiting there to make sure I remembered … that I understood …. in fact, when I did understand what actually happened, then the scar disappeared from one day to the next … after that, my reawakening, that was my first real acknowledged contact with my Angel.


This is Rosy’s testimonial


I was about 23 years old, my coworkers and I won a corporate holiday trip, so we all went to a tourist village in Calabria. Let me explain that at the time I did not believe in the existence of Angels, my mind explained everything through science, and so what I am about to tell you is something I understood much later, 20 years later.


That day I had the unfortunate idea of standing right at the edge of a swimming pool. I did not imagine that some fool, without asking himself if I could actually swim or not, would decide to push me into the water. I screamed before falling into the water, and then down I went, completely submerged in water. I felt completely disoriented, I tried to turn, to hold my breath, and I tried to slightly open my eyes, but no, I couldn’t, I was in a state of complete panic.


About a minute or two later, I am not sure, I felt a hand grab my arm and I immediately shoot straight out of the water, like an arrow. And this is when the strange event happened. I was already out of the water, when I see a young man grab me by the arm as I am flying out of the water! Well, I knew that before this young man grabbed me, another hand was previously taken me by my arm. So this had been an invisible hand!!!


This young man, once I was lying on the ground, asked me if I was all right, and then asked me what had happened …. since I assumed it had been him that threw me in the water and that he was pretending to be smug, I turned around and left!


Now I understand that he was only trying to understand how I had managed to come out of the water, that it was not him who rescued him …. this left me perplexed for a few days, but after that I stopped thinking about it, and I convinced myself that I had imagined it …


Now I can actually say THANK YOU MY ANGEL, only now I realize that you saved my life!!!! THANK YOU GOD for the splendid company that you gave us. I dedicate this testimonial to those who still do not believe, may they change their minds like I did, with all of the gifts that they are sending me from up there ….


This is Federico’s testimonial


Hello Sara I have stumbled upon your site by accident, through a search on google …. I read the various testimonials and I would like to tell you what happened to me almost 15 years ago …. I still remember it as if it happened yesterday …. actually I don’t know if it was the help from the Sky, but this is the only way I am able to make any sense of it.


Both of us had just celebrated our 18th Anniversary three weeks prior, and my friend had a drivers license and the new car, and it was one of the first times that we took it for a drive, that we could even do this, going freely, we were excited and full of confidence, and perhaps the excessive enthusiasm or the carelessness of my friend was what caused us to have a terrible car accident.


It was not late, it was about five in the afternoon, the road was moist because that morning it had been raining, and the rest of the day was overcast, it was the end of October, he went around a curve too fast, lost control of the car and we drove off the road, our car was aiming directly at a large tree that was located a few yards from the side of the road.


I remember the fear, I was paralyzed, my friend screamed, the only thing I thought of is that I was going to die, and I closed my eyes.


The impact was very violent and destructive, and then there was just darkness. When I opened my eyes again I woke back up, incredulous, laying down on the back seat, covered with pieces of glass, and a few inches away from my legs I could see pieces of metal and parts of an engine.


The car hit the tree directly from my side; the right hand side, the front of the car no longer existed, it was just a heap of metal that entered the cabin of the car and invaded the entirety of my side of the car: surely if I had remained where I was I would not have escaped.


But how did I manage to be in the back of the car? I did not move I was too terrified; I was wearing the seat belt, like my father always kept telling me to do ….. it was torn off but it was still buckled in … how could I have jumped in the back?


I escaped from a window, legs first! My friend was extracted from the car by the fire brigade, he was also locked in by sheets of metal, but at least we were both alive, we escaped with a lot of bruises, many stitches, an unbelievable fright, and my friend broke his arm. Having looked at the dynamics of the accident, we told ourselves that we had been extremely lucky.


My friend asked me several times how I managed to throw myself in the back of the car, he told me that I displayed a lot of courage under pressure, but I did not really do anything, I was petrified waiting for my demise! The rescuers also asked me how I managed to escape; I had no idea. I should have been dead but there I was, alive and kicking.


I truly believe that on that occasion there was the help of an Angel …. I can not explain it in any other way.


This is Carmela’s testimonial


I will tell you what happened to me: on 27th February 2007 I climbed on a chair to place a little curtain on a door that faces a little balcony, it measured 2 and a half meters.


When I noticed that the chair was slipping from under my feet it was already too late, I don’t know how much time had passed, but when I came to and I opened my eyes I had a sharp pain on my back and hip.


I was home alone, I could not move from the pain and I was crying, I was terrified for my back which was hurting, my neck was pushed forward, my chin was pressing on my sternum.


I could not understand what was happening, only later did I notice that I had two hands behind me that lifted my head up, and by doing to preventing my head from hitting on a cement slab, without doubt if it had not been for my Guardian Angel my head would have shattered.


Imagine that I hit my wrist and had a bad fracture on it, both my arm and hand shrank, as if they had fallen asleep, I could not feel any pain, in the ER they did not believe me when I said I felt no pain, they operated on me, they placed some metal rods, the back pain slowly subsided, but every time I think of what happened, I still feel the hands of my Guardian Angel on my neck.


It was a beautiful and unforgettable experience, knowing that my Angel is always near me makes me feel protected and happy.


This is Peppe’s testimonial


I was only ten years old, and one day after my homework, as usual, I would go outside and play with my friends. As always I would not go too far from my house, and I would always stay within my neighborhood, where I still live now.


My house has two entrances, one that looks on the main road, and one on the back of the house, where there are smaller road and not as busy with cars, and at about 100 meters away there is a little mountain.


I would often go and play on the less busy roads with my friends. From there my parents could easily see me, and we always stayed on the pavement, so there was no danger.


One day, together with some friends we decided to climb the mountain, where there is a little cave. I shall explain that it was not the first time that we had ventured up there, and that we entered the cave. This time around I decided to go first, and I started climbing. Some of them followed, others did not feel up to it and decided to wait for us at the bottom of the mountain and wait for us there.


Before arriving inside the cave, there is a tiny little path to take, not even as wide as a foot, so one has to walk pushed against the rock, like in the movies from Indiana Jones. We were about 30 meters up, and below it there was only an empty space with rocks and thorny brambles.


Full of enthusiasm, I started to wait at my friends who were waiting for me at the bottom of the mountain, to show them that I had no fear and that I did not suffer from vertigo. I suddenly lost my balance and I was about to fall down, my back was definitely no longer against the side of the mountain, and suddenly I felt a large invisible hand pushing against my chest and slamming me against the wall. In a few words, that hand gave me the balance back.


My friends had already given me up for dead. They could not understand how I managed to regain my balance. I was shaking more from the invisible hand that I felt, than from the shock of falling down. I was confused, I did not know what to think, I did not understand any of it. All I knew was that there was a hand that pushed me against the wall and blocked me from falling down.


Years later, I still feel the warmth of that hand that saved me and prevented me from falling down, thus avoiding myself being smashed in little pieces against rocks and thorns. Ever since then I did not want to go anywhere near that mountain, even if I had used to go there often.


I never told this story because they would not have believed me. Only those who actually watched the entire scene believe that someone saved me. That someone must have been my Guardian Angel, big and strong.


I hope my testimonial will be of help to someone who is feeling in difficulty and may it give hope to everyone, to believe that there is special help that the good God gives us through his Angels.


This is Claudia’s testimonial


The first time my Angel made his presence felt in my life, was when I was seven years old. I was with my mother, in a small square with some side steps going down from the Communal Villa of my city, at the time I was very much into skating.


I was running very fast with my skates, and I risked my life by falling down those steps. In that very moment, I felt I was being lifted up from the ground by a very strong presence, I sensed its shape and I also could smell a strong scent of prairie flowers.


All people who saw it, each single one of them, all agreed in deciding that it must have been an optical illusion, a hypothesis that was more acceptable for them to assimilate, given the speed with which the event took place.


From that moment on that was my secret, jealously guarded also for fear of being considered a girl who tells lies.


As a grew up, my Angel protected me in very many ways, it guided me and indicated the best way to follow through every circumstance.


Uh oh, it’s late, the next time we will talk of miracle, of intervention from the Sky through miracles. I just have to find the time to write it. As soon as it’s ready you will find it here.


Sara Luce


Who are our Guardian Angels the Love of God for us is the sixth article written for those who are learning about the Reality of The Spirit




Who are our Guardian Angels the Love of God for us


Who are our Guardian Angels


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