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Who created us? God created us proofs

Who created us? God created us here are the proofs


Who created us? God created us proofs : today we will talk of a crucial subject: evolution, our evolution, everything has its meaning in the concept of evolution; at this point of our journey of discovery of the real meaning of life, we already have great uncertainties, we know that we are Souls, Souls that live inside a physical body, a physical body that is necessary to have the experience of ourselves in this material world called earth, but that, for the very fact that we are Souls, we will continue our existence even after what here on earth we call death.


Like a step in a dance we will abandon our physical body and our perfect selves, only with greater awareness, will continue to exist in the reality called Sky, a reality from which each one of us originates.


From the words of the witnesses we have understood that upon our entrance in the Sky every one of us will be called to answer a very specific question “Are you happy with the life that you led? Did you love enough?” and that in that moment our full life’s extent will resurface one more time, even moment from the distant past, and we will look at ourselves for the Love that we expressed while on earth, in this period of our residency on earth …. we have discovered that the true judge of us will not be the Sky, but it will be us, judging ourselves.


To proceed together with everybody else in this journey, allow me a few moments for a brief recap, so that our newly arrived readers from a separate search engine will have the possibility to read the previous messages and catch up to us,  to continue together with us toward the precious discovery of the meaning of life, of the true meaning of life on earth.


In the first chapter



and through photographs I enabled you to understand the real existence of the Soul, and that death does not exist, in the second chapter




we saw what we experience as a Soul during the time of death, the time of passage from life in the physical body to life without a physical body, and we discovered that each one of you is an Emotion , is a heart, a feeling; this is our true Essence; in the third chapter




we entered in contact with the Sky through the stories of those who experienced NDE events, you read their experiences, you felt their emotions; in the fourth chapter




we understood how a contact with the Sky has changed their visions of life on earth and how this contact, of teaching for all of us, has placed their attention on the true meaning of the experience that each one of us is undergoing here on earth: to love, to be expression of your Love, experimenting yourselves in your own Love, far away from Love, not immersed in the Love that reigns in the Sky, in all of our freedom, we express who we truly are, the level of Love that we truly are during our continuous growth. We are all in evolution, we are all growing, one day all of us will be forever and only Love … one day … but today we are confronting ourselves, with our true level we achieved, living on earth is an experience that is still heard, but over here is where we truly confront ourselves with our Being Love and with our non being Love.


There is an image that describes very well, in my opinion, our moment on earth: imagine when we leave the home of our earth parents, each one of us has to deal with the real life, we start putting ourselves out there, our worth is at stake, what will I build? What will I be able to build in my freedom? Each one of us always has great expectations of ourselves (and this is also how we arrive from the Sky to earth! Then there is the real test, real life, what we truly are. And eventually we will have to answer for everything we will do in our life in complete freedom, answer to ourselves first, then, consequently, to the Sky. It appears that regret is the most frequent feeling in the Sky, but here we are, discussing this in our articles, so that joy, full joy, complete happiness with yourself can be the emotion that from this day will reside in your heart. Happiness inside your heart, happiness of your heart, this is all that matters to me.


I got a little carried away with the introduction … I asked for a few moments, and I took a few more …. it’s just that I think of everyone and so it’s as if I dedicate myself to everyone.


Let’s let others read the previous articles, and let’s continue together with our discovery.


I concluded the previous article by talking of the help that the Sky gives us during our journey on earth. Well, let’s take up from there.


Let’s expand our vision, our awareness a little further.’


As Souls, each one of us achieves certain objectives on earth, projects, goals. All of these objectives, goals, projects have a common denominator: our evolution, our growth. This is the only word from the universe: evolution.


Before coming to earth for our experience, each one of us has already come a long way, as Souls we are not babies … earth is a hard school, difficult, only Souls that have already achieved a good evolution can apply for this experience.


Each one of us needs to discover ourselves in some aspects of Love, and so, when the optimum conditions for the realization of our “program of specialization” are created, we, as Souls, are called upon for the good news: “The ideal condition for your experience on earth is present!”


Each one of us, here on earth, is in the right place at the right time.


Then, as a human on earth, who knows how many times you will have felt like you are not in the right place and in the right moment, but this is the human vision, not the vision of our Spirit.


While our earthly mother builds in her womb the body that will host us, here in the Sky are working fervently and we set up a blueprint for the events that we will encounter on earth, events that, once faced and  put behind us, will allow for our evolution.


We are always optimistic about ourselves, as I said, while we are surrounded by Love in the Sky, protected by Love, immersed in relationships where everything revolves around Love, like young entrepreneurs, sometimes we tend to give ourselves very difficult tests to overcome, and even if we are often lovingly discouraged from so much ambition, sometimes we choose journeys that are tortuous and difficult anyway.


Of course, overcoming big tests means accelerating our evolution, but on earth all you breathe, in many manifestations, is carbon monoxide, not Love.


And this is how, among advice, reflection, help, here we are, having planned our path on earth. Ready, we are ready to be born. We are ready for our experience on earth. We will become humans. It will be for a limited period, but each one of us will live it as a great opportunity, a very precious opportunity.


As we plan what we will be realizing during our evolution on earth, we have always had next to us a figure: our Guardian Angel. The Angel is charged with sustaining us during our entire period on earth.


And so we descend in pairs on earth: us, and our Guardian Angel.


Descending on earth we will enter into the oblivion, we will no longer know exactly who we are, where we come from, what is the project that we came to realize, we will not remember that we are Souls, we will not remember about the Sky, about the reality of the Sky, we will not remember how much we have already evolved, we will remember nothing. We will remember nothing. We will just be our heart that comes on earth. We will only be rich from our heart, our Love.


The true and profound meaning of the state of unawareness in which we will find ourselves once we come on earth is: FREEDOM. My heart, our heart, your heart, it can only express itself. What you really are, the real evolution that you achieved until today will be expressed by your heart in the situations that you will find yourself in during your life. You in your life, your heart in your life, in the freedom, your heart in the freedom. Did you do right? Did you do wrong? It’s you, your heart in life, in your complete freedom. Every moment of this life is you, your heart in your life,  just you and your heart in your life. Every moment you decide how to be, how you carry yourself, what to do, what not to do, how to face …. How to face every moment of your life. You, your heart, in the full freedom that was donated to you.


The majority of us forgets everything about the Sky, but some people are able to keep some fragments. Now I will show you the testimonials that I gathered over the years … just to give you an idea …..


A light in my mind.


Once upon a time I would have never imagined that one day I would have to write my memoirs, that for a long period I had to keep it close to my heart, as if I had to protect it so that it would not get damaged or ruined by somebody.


The someone in question is always him, the human being, ready to receive Faith or to reject it with coldness, the last option was what I feared the most, people who do not recognize Faith and are diffident and ready to cover you with ridicule, and the consequence of this is my silence now.


Today, in my full maturity, however, following my mental and spiritual evolution, I am serenely speaking and I am ready for all of the above about my celestial memory, yes, a fragment of my cerebral cells remained anchored with the Paradise, that place where we all hope to return one day.


I remember perfectly when I had to choose my parents, I chose my father (who is now in Heaven) because I was sure he could give me so much Love, it was the only thing that I wanted so much in my life, to feel secure and protected, because I was afraid to come to earth, everything else was less important to me, it was extra.


I remember seeing my picture, of how my physical body was going to be, and I liked it, I even chose my own death, which intimidated me even more.


But the clearest memory was when I reached the moment of my birth.


I remember that just before being born I was saying goodbye to my girlfriends, it felt like they were my sisters, and I was telling one of them to help me if I felt the need to communicate with them, not to leave me alone, that my contact with Paradise for me was vital.


I even saw the austerity of my future husband, I saw his Spirit, what kind of person he was.


The darkness was illuminated by a moon light, joy mixed with fear, fear mixed with wonder and resignation for my upcoming birth on earth; I saw my parents from far away, down below, like the negative of a picture.


But let me go back a moment …. I was going down the moonlit path, slowly, very slowly, but I was not alone. Next to me there was a little girl, smaller than me, I loved her so much, and she loved me too with all her heart; we were going down the path together, and she was close to me, holding my hand, I was almost crying seeing our feet with little white shoes, and our legs were light, feather light, little girl legs.


For a moment I saw the future of this girl, very serene future, then I saw mine, full of obstacles to overcome, I chose a path full of Love but also full of problems to resolve with the main theme being “showing Love”.


For a moment I was seized by panic and I held on to this little girl, I did not want to let her go, the separation was scaring me, also not seeing her for a long period of time and the fear of not seeing her ever again, but the sign was in front of me, it was time to come to earth, I felt attracted by an energy that lifted me up and I was very slowly moving away from the little girl, and I was saying goodbye to her crying, and between my screams I managed to say “How will I recognize you? How will I find you?” and she was waiving her hand goodbye to me.


What I feared the most was the nothingness, the unawareness that I had to have for a period of time, until at the age of six I asked myself how I was, where I came from, and in my full youth the memory started to resurface again, at the beginning it was a little hazy, but as time went by it became more and more clear, and more events started to come to the surface.


During my life I have always been clinging on to my Faith, I have always believed in the Celestial Father, Jesus and the Immaculate Mary, as if it was a given, it was always all rooted deep inside me, without ever a shred of doubt that a piece of Paradise was inside my heart.


I looked around and I was seeking that girl, in the eyes of some parent, some friend, and I would ask myself “Is it her? Is this her, or someone else?” But I never found her ….


Finally, in December of 1993, during the Christmas holiday, I had a dream: an Angel with a white tunic and straight hair down to the neck told me that I was pregnant, and I saw a woman with a big belly drawn with a child, that I was going to have a girl, and it even told me the name, which I had forgotten by the time I woke up.


I talked about it with my husband, who, skeptical, told me that I was not the Immaculate one! But on the day of the Epiphany (6th January 94) I had a pregnancy test and it was positive, three months later was the confirmation that I was expecting a wonderful girl with my husband!


I understood it slowly slowly, by the time she was 10 years old, I connected the announcement of the Angel with my child one day coming to me and saying “Mum, I have some memories …”


I awaited in silence … with much love in my heart I know that the little girl in the Sky was my daughter, my girl. Just her presence for me is of great support through all the earthly events, and especially my Faith.


”Those who have faith will be able to climb the highest mountains”


Thank you


Anna Maria


This was Anna Maria’s testimonial, and now let’s read Loriana’s testimonial


I was 9-10 years old, I had a dream but it seemed real. I remember I was flying … there were many trees below me, at one point I arrived to a river… a large river… there were some tall houses with strange roofs, the roofs were perpendicular, grey, (like typical mountain houses) … I found myself in a place where the roads were made of cobblestone. Then a wood, among the trees you could see the sunlight illuminating a little path … and that home had wooden porch. I slowly lay myself down on the earth. There was a sign hanging from a beam by two mall link chains, the sign said something, but I don’t remember very well what it said …. I had in my hands a basket with aromatic herbs.


It did not last very long …. everything went by really quickly and I resumed my flight in my dream…. I saw again the river below me, trees again, houses, I arrived close to my home … I wanted to descend, I was trying to do it but I wa22s afraid of something. Then, finally, like a jump into the void, I found myself on earth, on the road to my house, and I woke up. The sensation I had when I was descending, was the same that you feel when you are afraid to do something but then you find the strength to do it anyway.


I described this dream to my mother. The house, the wood, the cobblestone path, even a sign hanging from two chains below a door, with a sign that advertised the sale of something … I had never been in that faraway place, but my mother was born there, in a small town in Belgium, and that was her house, which she loved so much, and where she spent her best years.


And now, let’s hear the testimonial from the young Emidio, as told us by his grandmother Anna


Dear Sara Luce, last Thursday my daughter Angela, together with my two grandchildren, stayed at our house, with my husband and I, because my son in law had to leave for work. They stayed with us three days.


One morning Emidio, my 3 and a half year old grandson, woke up and came into the kitchen where his mum was preparing his breakfast. I kneeled over to him and I gave him a little kiss and told him good morning. He looked at me with his big eyes, a very serious but at the same time thoughtful and careful expression on his face, which is not in his character, since he is always joyous and smiling. Then he told me, assertively “Nan, you and grandpa have two houses”. I answered that no, we only had one home, this one. But he insisted several times, saying the he dreamt it.


At the beginning my daughter and I and my husband smiled, but then his insistence made us curious, so I started to ask him questions about it. I asked him to describe this house to me …


The first house, he said, had very high ceilings, with his little arm extended up he indicated that it was very high. Then I asked him if the rooms were small or large, and he answered …. large, enormous. Then I asked him if the kitchen was small, like the one in our home. And he said “No, grandma, the kitchen was also enormous”.


Then he climbed down the chair and he indicated to me how the furniture was laid out in the kitchen. Imagine, Sara, he even told me where the washer and the dryer were located. Then he told us that the pictures we have in our kitchen, in the other house the pictures were on the other wall, and he indicated which wall. Then he said that in that house the fish tank that we currently have was in a different location ..


Sara, he left us speechless, because the description of the house he gave us matched perfectly the description of the house in which we lived until five years go, when he was not even born yet. It was a very old house, with extremely high ceilings, we did not have the fish tank in the same location as now, our washing machine was indeed in the kitchen, while now it’s in a separate little room annexed to the kitchen. The layout of the furniture is exactly as he described.


I asked him who he saw in the house, he told me that there was his mum and dad, grandpa and grandma, him and I. He did not see his year old little brother, nor did he see my other son, uncle Gigi.


I don’t know if this is useful to you, I told you all the details Sara. My own mother, when she fell sick with cancer, with her approval, moved to our home, and when Angela was expecting Emidio, she would let grandma caress her belly, and she would tell her that it was going to be a boy. When my mom went to Heaven, in May 2011, my daughter did not feel well, her contractions that were risky for the baby. Soon after the departure of my mother, one night I dreamed of her, and she was reassuring my daughter that everything was going to be fine.


And so it was, a few days later Angela stopped having problems, and in September Emidio was born.


Sorry if I took too long, but I did not want to leave out any details. I don’t know what to say about this, in the words of my little grandson, “dream” he had.


I am sending you a hug, thank you for your attention.




Let’s continue with Fulvia’s testimonial


Hello everyone, hello Sara Luce, I am 36 years old and ever since I was very young I had the fortune to find myself in front of fantastic testimonial … here is one …


Everything started when I was two years old, one day I insisted that my mother brought me to “that place”, my mother asked me to explain to her where that place was, and I started describing it in detail: a wood, a small lake, where there was a man and a boy fishing.


My mother was convinced it was just a dream so she ignored my comment, but my request continued for years, I would even describe to her the car (even the interior of the car) with which my mother and I (my dad was not in my memory) would be going there.


About ten years later, looking through some pictures of my mother when she was young, I found one where she was in that place! I brought it to her, and she started to cry: on the back of it was a date, 1976, two years before I was even born, and back then the car she drove matched my description.


My mother was touched because in that instant she realized that I really truly knew that place, it was not just a dream that I had … and when she connected all my descriptions, she knew that I had been with her for a long time.






And with these splendid emotions you are feeling in your heart I am saying goodbye for today, but our journey towards the discovery of the meaning of life continues, remember that you are over here to evolve, the one and only reason for you to be on earth is to evolve ….


Sara Luce


Who created us? God created us here are the proofs is the fifth article written for those who are learning about the Reality of The Spirit



Who created us? God created us proofs


Who created us


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