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The awareness of your Self leading your life

The awareness of your Self leading your life article


The awareness of your Self leading your life : in this new article we shall talk of the awareness of your Self as you lead your life, we will talk of awareness, of the achieved awareness as a result of OBE and NDE, as you just read on previous chapters; a deep awareness that will influence the remainder of your experience of life on earth.


This is the fourth chapter on the subject. Perhaps you just opened this link following some surfing on the net, if this is the case, I do invite you to start your reading from the first chapter, it will be easier for you to follow what we are learning about the true meaning of life on earth.


Here are a couple of lines to sum it up so far… on the first chapter


also through the aid of pictures, I introduced you to the concept of real existence of the Soul, and that death does not really exist; in the second chapter


we looked at what you can expect as a Soul at the time of death, at the moment of passage from life in the physical body to the life without the physical body, we also discovered that each one of us is an emotion, it’s a heart, it’s a feeling; this is our true Essence; in the third chapter


we entered into contact with the Sky through the testimonials of those who experienced an NDE, you read their experiences, you felt their emotions.


As I said, today we talk about the achieved awareness during the course of these experiences, a profound sensation that will be a treasure for that heart once it goes back into its own body and continues on with life on earth.


Once again today I will give you excerpts from their stories that I have been collecting over the years, you can find all the complete texts on the website www.leparoledegliangeli.com


Let’s continue on


I have been asked how my experiences changed my life: as far as my behavior, with regard to life as a whole, I try not to kill even a tiny ant, I regret having the opposite of a green thumb and I don’t like having to throw away my dead plants! (Caterina)


Now my life is better: at a material level I am no longer a young poor student, I work and I can better follow my aspirations and my interests; at a spiritual level, I seem to have extra energy, like a car with an additional gear. However, sometimes I feel really sad because I know how much better I could be living over there. (Ernesto)


What else… I don’t know … I grew up, my life changed considerably since I had the second experience, the spiritual search has become more intense. (Maria)


Honestly, this experience made me understand that there is more after the death of this body that I am in now, in my opinion we do not truly die, our essence remains intact, our Spirit, the Soul, you can call it whatever you want, and, after that, a new life begins. (Ernesto)


Here you are Sara, my friends, this is my experience that remained within me with a very strong and very pleasant, maybe this is why death no longer scares me, now I do have a profound respect for life. (Mauro)


I understood that death does not exist, it’s simply a transformation, and with this awareness you can live much better, you start to do a lot and give a lot to others. (Maria)


It’s been over twenty years since it happened, but I still remember it very well. Soon after the experience, my mother visited me in a dream, a hand in hand contact, her face looked as if we were in a movie, she answered my question “Mom, where are you?” she said “I am not very far, I am up here”. (Tiziana)


I experienced an expansion of time … I believe that our Spirit does not suffer at the crucial moment; I mean to say that the Spirit withdraws just before that …. my life changed completely after that, now I work with people with disabilities. (Enrico)


I came to at the hospital, with nurses and doctors all around me …. it was so cold … I would have preferred to stay where I was …. now I am left with that memory, the experience has changed me … the thing that made me come back was seeing my daughter on earth crying desperately in front of my limp body on the stretcher, I saw myself there, motionless …. (Paola)


This experience has changed me, I changed the way I look at things, the way I understand things, justifying and HELPING others; I was somewhat religious before the experience, I thought of my own life, my family, my job, and nothing else. The voice that has been accompanying me ever since that episode talked to me about helping, I had no idea how to do it, then it told me to use my hands; ever since then, without me saying anything, people started to knock on my door with health issues. I remember the first case was a pink eye, I had never even seen one before, I don’t know how, but my hands started to move close to the affected area, I heard the voice telling me to continue, then it told me to stop, in the meantime I also mentally recited a prayer, the pink eye slowly went away, and so did the pain, and that’s how my task started. My story is a simple one, but a beautiful one for me, those who see that LIGHT really know what goodness means, as well as love for everything and everyone. (Valeria)


I speak of my experience to all those who are afraid to die, especially people who, despite praying for years, have had their subconscious influenced by those who were supposed to truly teach them who God is, and who did not represent him as a benevolent and merciful God, especially for us who are now trapped in this cocoon, instead he is represented as the great Judge who awaits us at the threshold. (Paolo)


There is …. you can feel a peace, a wellbeing, a joy, a pleasure, all these things, all together and all the time, constantly, not like here, I thought a million times of a way to be able to compare it with something that is here on earth, but there is nothing that compares. I thought of one thing, if you think of the biggest joy that one can feel on earth, or the biggest pleasure that one can experience on earth, well, in comparison, that is …. like a drop in the ocean, and this drop can only really exist if we remained in this blissful state all the time, while over there … it is like that all the time … constant. Moreover, while I was there I could feel others, know what they were thinking of me, there was neither hatred nor envy, jealousy, just Love. When I woke back up again I immediately felt different, many things that before managed to annoy me, now I could not even tolerate hearing people cuss. The very first thing I told myself is that I no longer wanted to get angry, but if I heard someone speaking badly of me, I would get irritated … for a whole month it was not easy to get used to life on earth again. In any case, we thank that when someone dies, you no longer feel anything and … it’s not true, on earth we leave behind our body, but when we leave, we take with us all of our emotions, we see, we speak, we hear, and especially the emotions that we have now, we have the same emotions later, and we can feel the goodness as well as evil, and that’s exactly where a person needs to (get used to) try to walk the right way, because here on earth we live years, but up there we live an eternity, and …. down here we only leave behind the flesh and everything else comes with us. (Alessandro)


I have the utmost respect for death, but I will never fear it. If there is one thing that really makes me angry is the thought of how, ever since we are children, death is presented in a very specific way, linked to some kind of punishment, to hell, we are paying the consequence of the great masterpiece The Divine Comedy From Dante Alighieri, but it’s all absurd, it’s all the opposite for those who really believe in a God “Remember that you are dust, and you shall return to be dust”, we all see that it is correct, when you go over to the other side you go with your Soul, the body is left here to decompose in cemeteries. What does it mean to walk on embers, to burn in hell for eternity, if we left the flesh behind us on earth? Where does it even say that the Soul burns? And the devil, with the pitchfork, throwing you into the deepest of abysses? What does the Devil prod with that pitch fork anyway? The Soul? This is the devil? What is hell? Why scare everyone so much? Our Lord wants every single one of us on the other side, even the absolute worst of people, there will be different states, different stages, who knows how many other lives, but a God that throws you into the fire is a God that is contrary to itself. If one goes to hell for eternity, then why can you deduct a number of years from it with the reciting of a Mass?  Why do you have years of forgiveness if you light up a candle, and even more if you light up a large church candle?  I am a certified public accountant, used to work in a bank, these supposed calculations make me laugh. Just like I laugh when someone calls me and says “he should be dead, or blind, or paralyzed” but find me alive and well; I drive a car, I tell the world “Don’t ever despair” and to the medical professionals I say “don’t ever say that there is nothing else you can do for someone, like it or not above you there is God” (Franco)


Before the accident my relationship with God was practically inexistent. My main objective was to live my life to the full, trying to enjoy it as much as possible, with the obsessive desire to always seek “new emotions”. The constant “external research” was a part of me, however many times I asked myself if what I knew, if what I did, what I was learning, what was happening was simply a “coincidence”, or if everything really had a meaning, a deep sense to it. Sometimes I desired with all of my heart to find even just one single meaning, and to give a more important value to my Life, but often it was much easier and more convenient to escape from the voice of my conscience and to throw myself at full speed into my daily chaos. (Alessio)


It was the profound meeting with myself, with my nucleus, with my true essence, what I actually really am. The memory of what I experienced in that dimension has allowed me to understand that I am a Soul that is in charge of a physical body, as opposed to a body that possesses a spiritual part. This drastic change of identity produced in me a new vision of a life that is true, that pushes me to react positively when in front of an even that is considered to be dramatic. It has allowed me to mature, allowing the best part of me to come to the surface, and to know a strength that I never knew I had. Finally I have met myself, the one  who always eluded me finally took showed. Of course, it seemed incredible to say it like this, but “thanks” to this incident, “thanks” to this unforeseen appointment, the thing that I had most intensely wanted to happen finally took place, something that at a certain point was all but a dream: a change and an improvement, it was a sudden, drastic, radical change. (Alessio)


I don’t expect anyone to believe me at all, but the fact is that ever since that day I try to live my life, and to see my life through different eyes, and to face problems “philosophically” and objectively, trying to always love others, and to understand them within the limit of my mortal existence, knowing that each one of us is important for me and I am important for others. Especially, I now see death as liberation and a new beginning, not an end. (Francesco)


I continued to see that golden light next to me, looking at me from up above, making me feel safe and protected, until I felt better. After the event they told me that I was going to face many problems if I ever wanted to conceive, due to what had happened as a result of the surgery. But I felt inside me that it was not the case… in fact, when I was 21, I was pregnant with my first little girl, and now I have three splendid creatures. Back then I already believed in Angels, because they very often helped me, and even now I am more and more convinced that they are with us all the time. I am also teaching this to my children. I believe it is wonderful knowing that we all have someone next to us to help us and protect us. (Sara)


I learned I had been clinically dead for only three minutes, while for me Time did not even exist. I remember the nurse, I asked her if she had picked up the wrong tool, and she confirmed what I had watched during the first moments. It was like being born again, with the awareness from back then that every single day I live that I am Love, that I am an integral part of Love. And maybe that child that I lost gave me this experience of Love that was beyond one life, it was eternity. (Monica)


This was a fantastic experience, despite the fact that it happened many years ago, I remember how it had just happened. Needless to say that from that moment on, having received such am important proof of the existence of the Other Side and of God, I started to work on myself, to improve my persona, every now and then I fall, but I try my best. (Rosanna)


I was shown life after my return on earth. Before then, however, I was asked if I preferred to stay, or to go back to live. My Soul wanted to stay, but it was thinking of my two children who needed their mother. I was also told that should I choose to return, I would invariably forget many of the things that I had experienced. Despite my desire to cement inside me all of those things I learned, I do know that many things did vanish, I could only bring with me what seems like crumbs, and I am sorry about that. I know I knew many things, but I have forgotten them.


I was told that God was the strength, life and movement, that life existed everywhere in the universe, that when I will die I will not be asked what religion I belong to, what philosophy or race I belong to, but I will indeed be asked how I loved people, what I did for others, because the only important things is the interior quality of a creature. I was also told that everything that flowed in the direction of unity was positive, and that my terrestrial life, if compared to eternity, corresponded to the blink of an eye of what my life in eternity is. I was also shown the future of humanity. I saw that our earth was going to be the subject of major shake ups, and that we were going to go through some major trials, major tribulations, because we had a very advanced technology, a lot of science, but very little fraternity and wisdom. I was shown everything that was threatening to happen if we did not change. I insist on the “if” because it is crucial. I was told that we were at the equivalent of standing at a cross roads, and that nothing is unavoidable, everything depended on our capacity to love and to act with wisdom.


I felt the extreme urgency of a major transformation of humanity at individual and planetary level, and the need to instill peace and tolerance in us, and around us, to live in harmony and in respect for everything that lives. I also saw that I had already lived on this earth. I was shown pieces of other lives, and the thread that connected them all. I was told that we keep returning on this earth until we acquire sufficient love and wisdom: it’s all a question of evolution. In the state I was in, I found it very logical and evident. After that, when I returned into my body, this memory was shocking to me, even though I am deeply convinced that this concept, of the “subsequent lives” is not meant to make people discuss, in the meaning that it is not important to create your own belief or conviction, but to evolve. At an absolute level, beyond time and space, there is nothing but life, the Great Life … but in our dimension, limited by space and time, we gain consciousness of only one segment, of a part of this life that flows between our birth and our death, and we think that this tiny little life represents everything that we need to know. But it’s not like that. (Nicole)


The light that surrounded me, letting me know what the Love of the Sky is, it illuminated that extraordinary landscape in front of me, and from the Light a question that was unspoken arrived to me, carved into my mind: “Are you happy with the life that you have had? Do you believe you loved enough? Do you believe you gave enough of what I donated to you?” From deep inside me I felt this great “No”, and in that “no” there was all my shame ... I felt unworthy to be there, my whole life had resurfaced to my conscience, I felt full of shame and I understood that over there I could have help, answers, even if at that time the answers did not make a lot of sense, since I no longer belonged to earth. I felt a question rise from deep inside my being, my shame, my human indifference: “My God, why do people suffer on earth, why do we have diseases, pain, poverty, if you can donate all this to everyone?”… It almost sounded like I was blaming him for our needs and our selfishness, what a pity, and what a shame! … as if in that question I could find the justification of my indifference towards the pain of others around me! The Light never accused me, never humiliated me, I was the only judging myself, and in front of all that love, as vast as the ocean, my misery appeared ever more squalid.


I was given one great truth to take with me: without learning to have sensitivity for people who are suffering on earth, without our care for them, without gaining our capacity for compassion for the pain that surrounds us, no-one of us could sustain, one day, all the celestial Love that is also absolute bliss. No-one. We would be overwhelmed by it if it was not for God himself to give us, with his infinite mercy, the ability to perceive it and to be able to enjoy it through our capacity for compassion and love toward others. It is worth living and dying just to be able to experience, even if for a microscopic moment, being immersed in that Love, believe me. The pain and suffering of others represent a great road that is given to us, to us and to them, to have once day something to offer God as a gesture of goodwill and altruism, as a sign of understanding of this brotherhood that unites all men beyond all barriers of culture, color, and religion. (Betty)


I was told that we only have to ask from our Angels and they will come to guide our lives. I understood that I needed to overcome my blindness to learn to use my gift that allows me to spread to everyone the lesson of love that I have learned. (Kenneth)


I will resume the discussion about the Light, I saw my uncle, as I went to embrace him, he stopped me, he gave me a huge smile and told me that I could not stay here, that my task on earth still had a long way to go, that I needed to stay serene, to always do what my heart told me, that he loved me, that he was very well, that he was serene, that over there it’s a world in various levels, that he is at an important level, but that I needed to go back, that he will always help me from up there, and that I needed to help others, and to love others, because Here there is only Love that reigns, because God is Love. That’s when I finally came to, I was in the ICU room. (Nuccia)


(following waking up in the hospital) I could not speak, they had given me a little blackboard where I was writing everything, the nurses laughed, but Giulio stopped laughing when I told him where he had left the keys that he had lost and had been searching for a long time. Chiara also did not laugh when I told her to stop being sad, that everything would be all right with time, my friend no longer laughed when I told her that they saw her cry in the elevator … now I am left with the remnants of some kind of sixth sense, there are those who speak to me and seek help, but they are not people, and I am not crazy!! (Giovanna)


After the Creature Of Light stopped talking, immediately after that, Roberto felt himself shaken back into his own body, while he was covered by the bed sheet and was laying in a corner of the casualty department. Soon after that everyone was incredulous of the new situation. They discovered him and they immediately took him to the ICU. He needed three months in hospital before he could leave on his own legs. He carried the signs of this accident for the remainder of his life. He had the opportunity to love, like the Voice had foreseen for him. The second child was born too premature, and had very serious cerebral damage. Roberto welcomed him and loved him like a father loves his favorite son. He died at the age of six. Roberto looked after him day and night, and the child died in his arms. Six years later, he had a cardiac arrest. In reality it was an aneurism of the aorta. Eight hours of heart surgery, but evidently Roberto had accomplished his mission. After a few alternate moment where it looked like he was going to pull through, his heart did not cope with the surgery. (Maurizio)


At this point he embraced me with so much tenderness, then slowly he separated himself from me, and turning me on my shoulder, he left, extremely slowly, going back to the point from which he had arrived. I followed him with my eyes until he became a dot that was almost invisible to me. The last vision I had was that of seeing him disappear in an extremely luminous light. Tears were running down abundantly from my face, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not hold them. The release of crying can bring relief, but it does not erase the immense pain that stays with you for your whole life. As soon as my father disappeared from my life, in that precise moment, I felt as if I was being sucked back into a vortex, and I returned into my own body. That’s how I noticed that I was back into the hospital bed. I had pain in all parts of my body, normal post-surgery pain. I heard voices all around me, I recognized the voice of the surgeon, reassuring my husband tat the worst was gone. I was conscious, I was listening with my eyes closed, tears were falling copiously. My husband, noticing that I was crying, tried to reassure, he certainly could not have known that my tears were actually because I had left my father behind, as well as leaving behind that beautiful sensation on bliss and profound peace. All this made me mature considerably, even at spiritual level, to the point where I started to look around me and help and extended my hand to help others in need (at the time I could afford to do it …) and tried to be more available for others, reminding myself of the certainty of the existence of the other side, where our loved ones await us with love. This certainty was given to me, by living in the first person. The existences that we live on earth, they are just many steps to reach the real Truth. (Annamaria)


From this experience I was left with a strong nostalgia, nostalgia to return to that paradise like place (Elda)


Today I almost completely regained my life. Often I ask myself why they made me come back to this world of tears, but then I look around to those who love me and I think that perhaps there is still something that needs to be done. (Angela)


We treasure all of these experiences, and we will now continue on the journey of discovery of life, of rediscovery of life.


We have lived so many emotions today, listening to the words of those who have experienced the Sky but then returned back to their lives on earth with greater awareness of what life on earth really is, the life experience that all of us have on earth.


Each one of us …. we are Souls, we are emotions, we are heart, we are Love, we are completely free, free to be Love at all times, or not, to help or not, to donate ourselves or not, to rush to help or not, to respect or not, to understand the other or not, in a word, to Love, or not.


This is the awareness that they gained through their experience, this is the awareness that they are sending to us with their words, their testimonials.


One day, each one of us will be called to respond to a simple but very important question: “how much did you love? Who did you love?”


As we will answer this question, each one of us will express the true meaning of the life that we lived on earth.


Now look around, every creature you see has the same objective, answering this question and being happy to have given a voice to their Love during life on earth. Keep looking around yourself, you will see the difficulties that each one of us has at Being Love as much we could. You see the great difficulty, the Sky sees the great difficulty, which is why the Sky, instead of standing there just looking at you to see how we fare, is actually a constant manifestation of help. This is the subject we will be covering on the next chapter.


Sara Luce


The awareness of your Self leading your life is the fourth article written for those who are learning about the Reality of The Spirit




The awareness of your Self leading your life


The awareness of your Self


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