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There is life on the other side NDE

There is life on the other side NDE testimonials


There is life on the other side NDE : yes, you read it correctly, today I will show you life on the other side through the NDE testimonials, you will discover life, live, directly from the Sky; let’s enrich ourselves with new knowledge, are you ready for this adventure?


Just a couple of lines to recap and then we will go ahead … in the first chapter


even through the photographs, I showed you the real existence of the Soul. In the second chapter


we have seen what we experience as a Soul at the time of death, at the moment of the passage from life in the physical body to life without the physical body; we also discover that each one of us is Emotion, Heart, Feeling; this is our real Essence; and our Essence is gaining experience on earth through all events, the meetings, the relationships, that we are building day after day; the sum of all this experimenting, as well as experimenting ourselves in certain situations, all the choices that we make during our life on earth, will compose the entirety of the baggage that we will take with us after we die.


Today we will reference to some NDE testimonials as our material, given to us by people who have then continued on with their lives on earth. What is the difference between OBE (Out of Body Experience) and NDE (Near Death Experience)? With OBE’s, the person experiments himself in his own reality, while finding himself outside of his physical body; with NDE’s the journey of the person goes on to the Sky, they experience the Sky but then return back here, usually profoundly matured as a consequence of this experience, they return to their physical body to continue on with their lives on earth, and to complete their own journey of experimentation.


We experience what these people have gone through, and, like I did in the previous chapter, I will collect excerpts from their stories, their testimonials, which I have collected during these years, and are published on the website www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en


The Soul escapes the body, the person feels alive, fully herself, but he or she feels as if he is expanding within the emotion, they recognizes themselves exactly in the emotion that they feel, and the Me, the I Am, it’s in the emotion that the real person lies, where the Soul, is living. The journey has begun!


Many people, (both young and fully grown) tell of having gone through a tunnel, a tunnel of light, before finding themselves in the Sky; let’s listen to their experiences:


“At the beginning my father found himself above his own body, high up, in a corner of the operating room, and after a few minutes, or it could have been seconds (their concept of time is not comparable to ours) he felt as if he was being transported into a dark tunnel, where in the end, he could just about make out a light that was becoming more and more luminous the closer it got. The closer he arrived to it, the more the light became intense, not blinding, but wonderful, pulsating, and moreover he could see the scenario that very shortly he was about to witness and touch with his own hands” (Maria Elisabetta)


“At that moment, I felt like there was a magnet lifting me up, and the room was becoming smaller and smaller, further and further away, as if it was closing itself into a bubble. I found myself in front of a white Light, warm, and “alive”, it was not just a Light, but more like a chorus of voices, and despite it being a very bright white, I was able to look at it, I was mesmerized and speechless, I felt in those rays of light like a very deep Love that was going right through me. (Monica)


“At some point, while I was floating, I was looking to my right, I saw what looked like the entrance to a dark tunnel (in the meantime the fog had cleared up and I could see better) and I thought … oh, yes, let’s go there, and wait for the fog to clear up completely, and just thinking of it made me be right there, and I felt compelled to keep walking inside it” (Rosanna)


“And I saw a light. I was projected at a very high speed toward that Light, and as I was getting closer, the Light became bigger and bigger, until it took up all of the space available. I distinctly noticed some presences around me, I could not see them, however, I was feeling such an enormous joy rising up from my heart, a joy that is a thousand times more intense that all the joys I have experienced on this earth”. (Nicole)


“I found myself floating in a tunnel of light, white and yellow, a warm vortex was making me go through this tunnel” (Aurora)


“I saw myself in a very long tunnel, I could not see the end of it, and I was reliving my entire life, my mistakes, the good things, basically, in a very brief period of time I revisited my entire life, I can’t tell you how long it lasted.” (Nuccia)


“I was enjoying the entire scene from up above. I found myself outside my body, and that’s how my unforgettable experience began. I found myself going through an extremely long tunnel, it was brightly lit by many multicolored lights. It looked like a succession of rainbows, I was sitting in a cart, like the ones in coal mines, I was traveling at supersonic speed. I remember that while I was going through this tunnel I was not in the least afraid, on the contrary, I was curious. At the end of this very long tunnel (it felt like it was never going to end) I saw something far away, at the end of it, an enormous, indescribable light, and I felt a sensation of serenity, of complete wellbeing”. (Annamaria)


“I found myself in a partly lit tunnel, where at the end of the tunnel there was a light of a strange brightness …. I feel a sensation of peace … of serendipity … of happiness … I could hear a music that captured me … I was happy! .. .I did not have a body. While I was going through the tunnel towards that wonderful light, for which I do not even know adjectives to describe it, I found some people …” (Ada)


“I precipitated into a very fast and narrow tunnel, and I found myself in a very pretty place” (Antonietta)


“I found myself in a yellow light, I was going through this light very fast, but not with my legs, it was a very bright light, but not overwhelmingly bright, it was warm, I loved it. It’s difficult to explain what I felt, they are emotions that I would not normally feel, even the love that I feel for my family was different while I was in that place, I felt surrounded by a warm embrace of Love. At the beginning of the journey I remember asking myself where I was. I looked around, I could not see myself, but I noticed that the further up I went, the better I felt. The sensation I felt in that moment was as if I was inside a mountain, wrapped in this light, I felt that the closer I got to the peak (where I could see a large sun in front of me), the more I wanted to never ever leave that place, I no longer cared about my family, I felt no pain, I was in harmony with my entire being, I wanted to ascend as fast as possible. I feel nostalgic of that place just talking about it!” (Elda)


Wow, what a trip we took! This is really life streaming live, life live from the Sky!! This is what a Soul feels when it leaves the body and begins its journey towards the Sky.


You will have noticed some differences in these stories, they all talk about the tunnel of light, but there are differences in the backgrounds, there is a  wide array, from instances of fog, of darkness, to scenarios of light and even rainbows! Why? There is a reason behind these differences. These differences depend on how you lived your lives on earth right up to that moment.


Let’s always remember that all these experiences have been told by people who have then returned back into their physical body on earth, to complete their journey of growth. Each one of these people, therefore, shows us that, on one hand, the Soul has already reached evolution on earth (The more a Soul is evolved, the more it will find light and wellbeing) and on the other hand, each one of these experiences will be useful for the remainder of the life that the person still has to live on earth. Each one of these experiences are actually teaching experiences for that Soul, and here we enter a qualitative discussion, these experiences are all guided by the Sky, they will help that person, once the person goes back to earth, to lead their lives in the right track.


Living on the right track means living with a greater awareness of you as Souls, Souls that one day will reach the Sky, or maybe to drastically change one’s way of living on earth, to fulfill what its one Soul needs to evolve.


In any case, those who had NDE experiences return completely transformed, an awareness that guides your own steps, day after day.


It’s not just the full awareness of Being a Soul that changes our perspective from what we humanely think, and they make us believe in life on earth, but it’s also the act of understanding what the real meaning of life is. Understanding the sense of our lives on earth gives meaning to the remainder of the future life.


Yes, because, either before starting your journey towards the Sky, or while you are in the tunnel of light, or as soon as we are in the Sky, what they have already seen, and what we will be about to see, will be exactly, in the view of our emotions, of the light of Love, what we have done during our lives on earth.


Let’s treasure these teachings, because one day we, me, you, each one of us, will have to take this test. Better be doing well for ourselves, don’t you think?


Each one of us is already a wonderful Being, fabulous and perfect, and that’s also how we are in the Sky, over there we have full awareness of ourselves as Emotion, as a Feeling, as Love, here on earth, by looking only through our physical eyes and seeing only materialism, we are constantly bombarded by false values, stimulated to overcome others, educated to listen to the mind and not the emotions … well, many of us lose our way, and many of us, instead of carrying love, we end up doing the opposite … each one of us has great responsibility toward others … think of how some politicians may feel on the day they return to the Sky. Do you know what the most common emotion in the Sky is? Remorse, remorse for what we could have Been, and we were not, remorse for what we could have done, and we did not do. We are still on earth, and therefore we can still Be, and do, correct? Let’s learn from what they have already discovered and experienced.


And now don’t get depressed for when you will discover the Love you will be meeting, a Love so great that even the most beautiful things that you did in your life will seem like nothing …. here we are about to go into the home of God, an Absolute Love, it’s inevitable that each one of us feel inadequate in comparison to Him ….. nothing of what we did on earth will be so pure, just like the Love of God for us is pure.


Let’s look at it in a positive way: God first, and the entire Sky knows how difficult the experience on earth is, living in His Love is an endless stimulus to be Good ... .but here on earth … compassion, we will certainly have His compassion, His Love, always, nonetheless we need to try to give the best of ourselves!!


And now let’s go and breathe some Love


“When I arrived, there was so much light, a field with unbelievable flowers, a beautiful scene, and colors never seen before, and children playing happily … so many of them …. running …. I called them, tried to reach out to them, nothing, I was hugging nothing… then I heard some beautiful music …. like church bells …. a warmth …. neither cold nor hot …. and then butterflies, birds, I was feeling so good there!! I was perfectly healthy and happy” (Elvira)


“Suddenly I felt a very intense aroma, an aroma of flowers, it was as if I found myself … don’t ask me why, because I don’t know, it was as if I found myself standing up, in a little street, paved with little pebbles, a scent of flowers to my left and my right, so many scents that I did not recognize, but there was a predominance of scent of jasmine to my left, and of calla lilies to my left, so intense, as if I was standing in a flower shop completely full of flowers in bloom, I had never smelled anything so intense; an aroma of flowers warmed up by the sun, scent of flowers in the sun, the sun of a late spring. This wonderful perfume was all around me, and the sensation it was giving me, was of joy, I wanted to walk, walk for hours and hours and hours, surrounded by that perfume, the joy of walking in that perfume, in that warmth” (Sara Luce)


“However, I was very clearly perceiving that we are all important and we are all on the same level. I understood right then, that the pain of dying did not come from leaving all this, but from the realization that we had not done enough good to others in my life. This was the one and only true remorse that I felt as I was leaving. Another aspect that profoundly hit me was about the judgment that awaits the end of our lives. My parents are catholic, and so, ever since I was small, I followed this teaching. The Catechism presented me with a God that saw everything, everything I did, and that he would judge me according to the good and bad things I had done. Nevertheless, in that moment, it was my own conscience that was doing the judging, judging actions I took, with an impressive lucidity. In life, when we take a decision, we think we can define our choice with a wide range of shades, for example, we can define our actions: not bad, not good, or a little good, somewhat good, or a little bad … and so on … in that distinction, on the other hand, the differentiation was very sharp, precise: it was either good, or bad. It’s very difficult for me to describe with words what I felt. This wonderful light was giving me such a feeling of calm, of wellbeing, of goodness, joy, peace, love and acceptance. This sensation of acceptance was wonderful, because, for the first time in my life, I felt accepted for what I am, without any need to appear better, or any other way, but I was just as I was: and it was wonderful. In that light, which by now was surrounding me completely, I felt harmony and I was experimenting with the perfection of all things. It was obvious that everything had a meaning, and that I was part of all this, while keeping my own identity" (Roberto)


“This mother found herself immediately in a luminous place, where she saw her son smiling and coming toward her … she immediately called him by his name, she ran towards him to hug him, but with a smile he motioned for her to stop: “No, mum, not yet … it’s not your time yet, … because you are not like me, and you can not touch me … but when the right time will come, you can be sure that I will be coming to welcome you and then yes, you will be able to embrace me …” (Elisabetta)


“I could see my mother, my father, my unborn children, all of my loved ones who were now dead, they were smiling at me …. my unborn children were calling me, they wanted me to stay with them, they wanted their mom, my parents, on the other hand, did not want me to, they told me not to enter that wonderful light …. there was so much peace, serenity, calm, warmth” (Paola)


“In Paradise there is … you feel a peace, a sense of well being, a joy, a pleasure, all these things, all together, and all the time, always, not like over here, I have tried a million times to find something to compare what is over there to something here on earth, but there is nothing. I did think one thing, if you can imagine the biggest joy that one can feel on earth, or the most extreme pleasure that you can feel on earth, well, that is nothing compared to up there, it’s like … a drop of water compared to the ocean, and we can only enjoy our drop of water on earth by staying here, while there, it’s like that all the time … constantly …. moreover, he made me feel other people’s emotions, what they thought of me, there is no hatred, no envy, no jealousy, there is only Love. After having made me live this wonderful experience, he told me that I could go back down”. (Alessandro)


“Before taking back my physical body, I saw and I was suddenly immersed into a Light so intense, so radiant and shining, that it penetrated my Being, and nourished every part of me. A very unique sensation that created inside me a state of peace and happiness that I had never achieved before. A peace that was neither interior nor exterior, simply at one with the ALL. I knew that this state of ecstasy that I was feeling was the absolute top of what I could achieve, that there was nothing more beautiful that could exist in the universe. It was a tangible light, so real, and especially so ALIVE. Alive with something that brought me to scream: so God does exist!” (Alessio)


“I found myself in front of a white Light, warm, and alive”, it was not just a light, it was like a chorus of voices, and despite it being a blinding white color, I could look at it, I was captivated by it, and I felt a deep Love that was going right through me with those luminous rays. I do not believe there are human words that I can use to describe it, but being there made me feel so free, as if I had unloaded a very heavy backpack from my shoulders, a backpack that until that point I called Life. I no longer remembered who I was and why I was there, I did remember I had had a life, but it was as if it was not that important to me. I did not remember having a family, and the worst thing is that I did not even remember I had a 4 year old child. I knew I had returned ‘home’, the real and only home from which I had come: the source of that Love without prejudice, where you feel loved not because you feel special, but because you belong to Love, you are a part of it. “(Monica)


“In the meantime we had proceeded forward, and this white light, radiant, indescribable, was getting bigger and bigger. I then replied: I don’t want to go back, I want to stay here, I really like it here, I want to stay with you (his dad) and I want to go over there, to check where that white light comes from (I felt an interior light and a serenity that I can not describe), I felt fulfilled, happy, nothing was important to me right then, nothing interested me anymore, I was not thinking of anything else, I felt detached from everything that is material.” (Rosanna)


“This light was also an ocean of love, a pure love, that offers itself without asking for anything, a sun-love, and I was the love. I was immersed in an ocean of love, loved for who I was, far from all the worries and preoccupations of planet earth! I no longer was aware of time and space, but I was aware of just being, of having always been. I understood that I am but a particle of that light, and that I was eternal. In that fullness and in that immense peace, I understood the meaning of the words: “I am”.  It was as if, while remaining myself, I had become everything and I found my true nature once again. I had found my homeland again. I had become love and I was life. How, my God, how can I truly share this experience? If each one of us could see it, even if just for one moment, there would no longer be misery, violence, and war on this planet.” (Nicole)


“I found myself in it, inside that light, in a moment, I became euphoric, for lack of better words, believe me, I was happy and fulfilled, I knew that place belonged to me and that it was my natural destination, I was in a safe place, the light was so bright that I was afraid it would hurt my eyes, but I immediately noticed that I could look at it without fear, even if it shone like a more than a thousand suns put together. It was an ocean of absolute love, of perfect compassion and beauty, I was floating in it, and I felt waves of love and light go right through me, and bring me joy, happiness and love. Believe me, there is nothing in the universe that can make you desire to ever leave that ocean of loving light, on the contrary, there is nothing else other than It, there is only the complete awareness that, over there, there is everything you can possibly desire, everything that completes us, that keeps us alive and feeds the most profound parts of us.” (Betty)


At the beginning of our meeting I promised you I would get you acquainted with the life on the other side through the NDE testimonials, life live from the Sky, and this is what I did, make the most of it


Sara Luce


There is life on the other side NDE testimonials is the third article written for those who are learning about the Reality of The Spirit




There is life on the other side NDE testimonials


There is life on the other side


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