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The Soul exists after death

The Soul exists after death just like it exists in life


The Soul exists after death : our journey continues toward the understanding of the true meaning of our existence on earth; today I will speak to you and I will share testimonials of the existence of the Soul.


In the previous article (www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/afterlife/4355-who-am-i-where-do-i-come-from-where-am-i-going-all-the-answers.html) you saw some testimonials and some pictures that confirm to us how life, both human and that of our animals, does goon after life on earth. Now that we have had the possibility to gain certainties, we are also beginning to let go of the human being’s biggest anguish: the fear of death.


At the time of death we will go through a passage, our Spirit makes a passage, our Soul will make a passage, from being inside a physical body into being outside of it.


Death, the time of death is nothing but that: the passage from the physical body (which served us for our terrestrial existence) to being outside our body, our life continues on.


And we have precious information also on these moments, people who had an OBE shared what they experienced with us.


Perhaps you already know what OBE stands for, it is the acronym for Out Of Body Experience, these are experiences of the Soul, of yourselves, but taking place outside your physical bodies. Obviously we only know of these experiences because those who experienced them subsequently returned into their physical bodies and continued on with their earthly experience. So, these OBE’s are told to us by those people who felt it, who lived as Souls outside their physical bodies.


I will make two observations on the authenticity of these OBE experiences: that they could perhaps be the consequence of a cerebral activity that could be present in the subject during those moments, and the second observation is that these experiences could have been induced by anesthesia (because many OBE experiences happen especially when someone finds themselves a moment of in-between life and death, following trauma, or surgery). However, since I have been collecting testimonials where the OBE’s were experienced even when the cerebral activity was being monitored and was completely absent, and I also have experiences where people had OBE’s but they were not under any type of anesthesia (I happen to fall into this category), I can say that we can safely proceed.


What happens to us when our Spirit, our Soul, departs from our physical body? We feel pure emotion. We feel, that is all. We are pure emotion. Well, this is a great discovery: we are ourselves, we feel exactly ourselves, but our Essence is pure emotion. We are pure emotion. We are made of emotion. We are made of feelings.


Now I will let you read how some people felt while they were in their state of Spirit, of Soul; I will not copy the entire testimonial, although you can find it in its entirety on the website. I am taking some excerpts to show you what is felt outside of the body. This is what is experienced when the Soul leaves the body:


“Suddenly I found myself looking at everything from up above, as if I was at the same height as the ceiling, looking down. The room was completely illuminated, I could see the furniture exactly as it was laid out, I could see the body of my friend in her bed, I saw my own body in my bed. This vision did not seem to alter me in any way, I did not even comment on it, I was looking, but I did feel an immense joy, not serenity or tranquility, it was a great, enormous joy, I felt like I was all joy. I felt like the same person, but I was complete joy”. (Sara Luce)


“I was levitating, I was Spirit without a shape, like a nebulae with vivid colors, shining and spontaneous, I felt so serene and calm, I looked toward this entity and asked who it was, it answered me: I am an Angel. I asked him if he was my Guardian Angel, he told me he was not the only one, but that I could also talk to the others”. (Ivan)


“The strange things is that I could see everything from up above, everything was taking place below me, and I was simultaneously aware of also being wrapped up in that shawl. Despite the fact that I could not see the face of that little girl, I knew that it was me, yet I was not worried, I was calm, I knew that I had had an accident, but I was not suffering, it was as if I was doubled, one of me had just had an accident, and the other me, pain free, was outside the physical world, even though I was not aware of it, and was watching the entire scene from up above. This is what I remember”. (Angela)


“I found myself in a light that was giving me peace, and a Love that is impossible to describe, the more I was rising up and the stronger the light became, up to a wonderful point where from my throat escaped a scream of joy “God you are so great!!!“. (Tiziana)


“I felt like a suspended video camera. I was very pleased because I no longer felt cold, heat, the grease derived from the mood of our own body, the smells, I no longer felt the nagging sensation of compression, of the constant weight that oppresses you and sometimes takes your breath away. It was really nice being there.” (Paolo)


“ I saw myself as if I was evaporating up above my bed, and before I knew it I found myself in the left corner, about twenty centimeters from my bedroom’s ceiling. I realized that the little white cloud of about 20/25 centimeters in diameter was me, or rather, my essence, or my “Soul”, if you will. (Francesco).


“Suddenly I saw myself up above in the air, flying around the room, looking nonchalantly at my own body, where the doctors all around me, were desperately trying to save me; they were shouting “We are losing her, there is no pulse anymore”, but I did not even turn around, I kept on flying”. (Aurora)


“I saw myself from the outside, I could see who was coming to visit me, I knew the names of the nurses, I observed everything … I don’t know how much time I passed like this” (Giovanna)


“I did not want to come back, because for the first time in my life I was completely happy, I could not feel any suffering, I only felt lots and lots of love, the kind of love that I have always strived to find here, but that the human being so stubbornly continues to resist” (Angela)


“I immediately fluctuated through the walls of the apartment, I could already see the street below. I thought “Let’s see if I can touch someone”. I got close to a small child that I saw on the street, I put my right hand right through him … “How strange” I thought, “I can’t touch them, and yet I still have a hand”. I observed my hand for a few minutes more, and I noticed that it was shining a little bit, and it was very transparent”. (Vicky)


“I heard voices shout “We are losing her, we are losing her”, there was too much commotion around a body stretched there, so I got up, the body was mine, but I was standing up, I could see everyone, doctors, nurses, the carts with the surgical tools, the enormous lights, then there was a door with a round handle, I opened it, I went through it, then I closed it behind me”. (Valeria)


Exciting stuff, isn’t’ it? Well, those who live these experiences live everything in the emotion, as we listen to their experiences we live everything in the emotion. Why is that? Because we are emotion, we are feeling, we are a heart.


Did you notice how each one of them (this will include us in the future) was not the least interested in what material things they happened to have possessed on earth? The only attention is turned to the emotion, to their emotion and that of others.


Good, we are making another important discovery: we don’t care about things, material things, the only thing that matters to us are emotions.  We are emotion, we live in the emotion, our attention goes exclusively to the emotion of others …. Wow …. we are discovering that we are  hearts, nothing more and nothing less than … hearts!!!


Think of how much time is spent on earth arguing over the possession of this or that, the time spent to be liked by others, the image, the status, we do so much while on earth to differentiate ourselves from others, to stand out from others, to be better than others, and then, once you pass that threshold, all this suddenly had no meaning at all… did you notice the detachment with which the human body is seen? It’s a container, a machine, nothing more than that, and who knows how much time we spent while on earth worrying about the beauty of our bodies… well, you are discovering that, perhaps, something that has held a lot of importance to you up until today, come tomorrow it may not have any meaning to you anymore.


These fragments of testimonials I reported here today are saying this: we are feelings, emotions, and come tomorrow, this is the only thing that will represent our true interest.


But we are already feelings, emotions, heart … today. Our Essence, our Being, is already here in our today, and we are living our lives on this earth with this Essence, with this Being. We may not be fully aware of our Essence, of our Being, but this is what we are in reality. All that will be left of us, one day in the future, will be the experience that our Essence, our Being will have matured during this time that sees us here on earth, inside our physical body.


The discovery of the meaning of life continues on to the next page ….


The Soul Exists After Death Just Like It Exists In Life is the second article written for those who are learning about the Reality of The Spirit




The Soul exists after death just like it exists in life


The Soul exists after death


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