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Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs

Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs received from our beloved Angels


Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs : my dearest Sara Luce, the pictures I sent you are but a few among the many signs I received from our beloved Angels, I find the little hearts everywhere; having gone through a long and particularly difficult period, it often happens that, even while walking, I would be sending them a little prayer, and in that very moment, or shortly thereafter, I would find little hearts on the road; the little stuffed toy resembling an Angel is a surprise that we found, my son and I, it was the gift inside the chocolate egg, and it made him scream “mum, mum, look, I found a little angel, are you happy mum? you love them so much".


The feather goes back to a couple of days ago. I was about to go to a very important medical test for my condition. I was driving to the hospital and the feather was there. At the exit of the elevator, on the step. It gave me so much serenity, and the outcome of the test was good.


The image in the coffee appeared following a meditation I had done. I had prayed so much, and this was the answer to it. Monday will be a very important day … I will start a new treatment, chemotherapy in tablets, I am so scared … the blood test results did not go well, and I am aware of the fact that very difficult months are ahead of me, due to the side effects. I am very sad because I would love to be able to graduate within the year, and I know that my project will be delayed. I am scared I won’t be able to achieve my dream. I think of my son and I try not to give up, but it’s hard.


image feather sign of Angel


Today I went to take another test, yet again, and as it often happens, I end up meeting extraordinary people. The doctor looked me and told me “don’t pay attention to my expression … every day I see people complaining for stupid little things, and when I see your disease, I tell myself, that these are the real problems, especially if the person is young like you. In life there are three things: pleasures, rights, and duties. I wish that in your life you will receive many pleasures. Your duty is that of taking care of yourself and heal, because you are a mother and you owe it to your son. Your right is that of having a happy life. I know it will not be easy, but you must pull through and endure the therapy. My best heartfelt wishes to you!”


Sara, people say that he is a cold person, but with me he was infinitely sweet, and in general, everyone is that way. Sometimes the Angels make themselves present also in that way.


A few days ago I expressed the desire to see a red robin, and, today, in front of the hospital, there it was. It stopped to look at me and it was wonderful. It may not be an Angel, but this kind of beauty is not even human.


A big embrace, Sara. With a lot of affection, Erika


And here are other signs Erika received from her Angels


image heart sign of Angel



images feathers of Angels



image heart signs of Angels


Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs received from our beloved Angels was told from Erika




Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs received from our beloved Angels


Angels in my life hearts and feathers signs


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