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Guardian Angel how it manifests pictures

Guardian Angel how it manifests pictures images


Guardian Angel how it manifests : hello dear Sara, I feel so happy at knowing you dedicated so much time to my message, and especially to this wonderful little Angel, I just finished reading the entire page you dedicated to this even (you can read this testimonial at the link The face of an Angel appears next to Jesus) and I am touched and emotional, and so is my mother; I showed it to my father who had not yet seen this picture and he was very moved, deep down inside his heart; later, with more calm, I will send you other pictures of manifestations, a few at a time because they need an explanation, for me they have a special meaning due to my interpretation and my situation in general.


In the meantime I am sending you pictures of a few little feathers that sometimes fall on me, or in the house, or in the hospital, and I want to explain that all doors and windows are closed. I ask my Guardian Angel to send me little feathers if he is close to me as a sign of his presence and of his closeness! I understand you can not publish these because people could even end up not believing them, but you do, I felt strongly that you should see them! Even today, right after looking at your website, I found one inside the house. Whenever I feel discouraged, finding these signs gives me such great comfort! Goodbye to you from me, my mother and my father Giuseppe,


With much affection,


A big kiss,


See you soon!


picture feathers sent by a Guardian Angel


images Guardian Angel little feathers


Ahh, Sara, I’m also sending you the images of the feather that appeared inside my house, again with doors and windows completely shut, after having requested it for a very specific reason! I wanted it to be nice and big and of consistency, and here it is, on my bed! So the answer was positive!


feathers of Guardian Angel photos


Guardian Angel how it manifests pictures was told by Sabrina




Guardian Angel how it manifests pictures


Guardian Angel how it manifests


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