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Jesus Christ's face images photos pictures

Jesus Christ's face images photos pictures testimonials the face of Jesus Christ


This is an event that happened in the region of Abruzzo, Italy, inside a little church annexed to a nuns' convent.


One day one of the nuns was standing in front of the Holy Cross, (see picture 'original crucifix) she was praying and at the end, as she was used to do every time she prayed, she asked 'Jesus show me your face'.



Jesus Christ



For a good 20 long years every day at the end of her prayers in front of the crucifix she would always repeat the same sentence without every tiring of repeating it!


One day, a relative visited her and as the lady visitor fell in love with the crucifix, she wanted to take a picture of it to keep as a souvenir. The nun told her that this was a miraculous crucifix, and that every wish or prayer expressed with devotion and humility would eventually be fulfilled.


Even the little nun's wish came true, because when the relative returned home and had the film developed. she had a big surprise. (see the picture of Jesus' face) she saw the picture of the crucifix with his face uncovered. and not covered on one side by his hair as in the original crucifix. An invisible hand had moved the locks of hair that were hiding the face of the crucifix! Obviously the relative sent a picture to the little nun. needless to say how great was the woman's happiness!


Jesus showed her His face!






Picture and negative films are kept by Peppe


Jesus Christ's face images photos pictures testimonials the face of Jesus Christ


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