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Jesus Christ and Father Pio Saint Giovanni Rotondo

Jesus Christ and Father Pio Saint Giovanni Rotondo Italy picture Jesus and Father Pio on the crypt


Several years ago I went to a pilgrimage to a place called Saint Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, to see Father Pio.


It was my first time as I am not particularly devoted to this Saint, however, just like many other Saints, he does deserve our respect!


Those who have already been to these places can testify to the serenity, the calm, the peace that you can breathe and the very picturesque places to be seen. I sat through the Saint Mass service, I visited all the things you see in the sanctuary, the Saint's little cell, the cross, the crypt where I stopped to pray and to ask for a special intercession from the stigmatized Priest.


I also asked for a sign from the little priest, since many people can smell a perfume of roses or something like that, as of yet I had not felt anything at all, although I did sense a friendly presence next to me, I felt it and it infused me with a lot of courage and love and serenity!


I often wondered (a personal curiosity) if Father Pio was sitting in paradise on the right side or on the left side of Jesus (as per the words from the gospel which say that Jesus told the disciples that it was not up to Him to decide who would sit to his right or to his left, but it would be the decision of our Father who is in the Skies)! Well, I believe that the answer did not take long to arrive since once I got home I had the answer to my question!


A picture that I had taken in the crypt showed me where the Saint Priest sits! The picture was taken right at the time when I was feeling a presence that was giving me serenity!


There are two pictures, one is the original and one, poorly indicated, shows the silhouette!


A hug




Jesus Christ and Father Pio



Father Pio and Jesus Christ‚Äč




Picture and negative films are kept by Peppe


Title Jesus Christ and Father Pio Saint Giovanni Rotondo Italy picture Jesus and Father Pio on the crypt


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