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Angel Photo Angel of the mountain true photo

Angel Photo Angel of the mountain picture in Alta Badia Italy testimonial story Angel true photo


In January 1999 I was in Alta Badia, in Italy, on a skiing trip with some friends. Before leaving for my holiday, while I was meditating, I had the feeling that, during the oncoming week, I would meet the Angel of the Mountain and I would even take a picture of Him!


I was not able to give a meaning to this thought, maybe it was a compensation for a never truly fulfilled need that I had to feel the presence of my loving Guides of Light who surround me in my life. I felt I had to buy one of those 'disposable' cameras, since I do not own a camera that allows me to take quality pictures, and that I would eventually receive further instructions later on.


One morning, 3 or 4 days into my holiday, just as my friends and I had agreed to go skiing in a location nearby, a Voice inside me told me that this was the day where I had to take my camera with me. And so I did and later on as I was going up a mountain close to the spot we had chosen, immediately before beginning our descent into the valley, the same Voice told me to take a picture and point the camera in a specific direction. I protested: 'But God (this is how I like to call it) there is nothing nice to look at over there!' The order remained firm. 'Take a picture anyway!'. I expressed my doubt one more time, but again the voice expressed the need to take a picture of that scenery. Heavy hearted, convinced that I would have ended up throwing away that picture because it would turn out to be insignificant, I took the picture where I was indicated with much determination and precision.




Once I got home, looking at the picture that I took, I did not seem to see anything significant. Only afterward I managed to capture in its entirety what I later coined as the Angel of the Mountain. This was a sign for me, and I understood that it would be the same for other people, too. Of course, all it is, is snow and rock, but, in my opinion, they were distributed in a way that was much too meaningful not to represent the sign that I had been searching for so long!






Picture and negative films are kept by Denis



Title Angel Photo Angel of the mountain picture in Alta Badia Italy testimonial story Angel true photo



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