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Angels in Train Station Fantastic Meeting

Angels in Train Station The Most Fantastic Meeting of my Life I meet an Angel in Termini station
Angels in Train Station Fantastic Meeting : I believe I am about to tell about the most fantastic meeting of my life, it has unlocked my existence with the glimmer and the heat of its light; I was returning from an Eco-friendly and ultimately playful weekend with the man that my heart has chosen to love (my ex boy friend), under the sun of a festive Sunday, the first cherry blossoms of the year sprinkled the trunk of the parked car at the Termini train station, a goodbye hug to seal the pact of love, and away we went to our respective families, with a smile full of life on our faces.
That feeling of fullness was in my step on the station’s floor, for it had never been so soft.
Two hours of waiting for the train that would take me home to my father’s birthday and the warmth of my mother. There are fewer people around by then, less frenzy and more spirit of observation.
I drink a coffee and I listen to the need of my spirit … to write about that freedom I am feeling in that growing love.
At that point I stop and choose a spot in which I can dive into my inspiration: a bench, with a young man sitting on the other end of it.
I took up all of the available space with my crayons, sheets of paper, exercise books, I threw myself into the intimacy of my spirit.
My expression was full of the interior light that I define enthusiasm, when a man approached me, about fifty, with a trolley, a newspaper, and a lot of sombreness …. From his height he observed my things. It was a veiled request of permission on his side that my senses picked up on immediately.
So I created some space predestined for the meeting of our lives.
He: You are writing a letter, aren’t you ?
The delicateness with which he posed the question, the way he showed interest disarmed my embarrassment so I answered: No, not really I am writing just for the sake of writing.
He: Ah, you are a writer?
I: I write because it’s a need of my Soul.
He: Whatever thing it is that you are writing, can only be pure, the light of your eyes tells me that.
What inspires you?
There was no diffidence in this encounter, from his voice I did not sense a crumb of malice.
I: The freedom that I feel in Love.
He: Beautiful! Important! We are individuals, and only one thing ties us together, do you know what it is?
I: No
He: The love toward God. Do you know what the word ‘individual’ means ?
I: No.
And from there on began the discovery of the infinite breath of life. He explained to me the etymology of the word ‘individual’, of the word ‘verb’, ‘person’, ‘idea’, ‘desire’, with a genuine warmth.
He: At beginning He was the Word, you may image God as the sun and all of us as his beams, tied to Him through a relation of belonging… then God made available to us some space on earth in a time of oblivion in which we were left free to understand and to understand the true spring that embodies Him. We must not seek God outside of us, but inside of us. He granted us all we need to please Him and He is right here inside of us. What pushes man is his wish, which means being outside of himself, to abstract himself from his own person, yes, because the word person means a mask, and the ego that it is in us often impedes our spiritual growth because it tries to dignify oneself, seeks gratification, we must be humble and not seek to master our virtues with our intellect…. Let the learned ones do that. Always seek the truth. Do you know how to distinguish the truth from falsehood? Simple! Our heart, which is predisposed to seek for the source, feeds from the truth and feels joy when faced with it, while falsehood creates bitterness.
Then he told me a short story and he seemed happy to be there with me.
He: … You see, it is a privilege to talk about these things. Remember that you cannot add or to subtract anything from this perfect system of things. Anybody, even the most unpleasant or humble person or thing, is there to donate you a missing piece of your puzzle. May you do the same in your life, do not ever cease to observe. You see, I am not teaching you anything that you do not already know, you are feeling a sensation of fullness because I am reminding you of things that you already know.
Fear of death gripped all my senses and was able to hug me again with words, at once.
He: When you will die there will be a feast awaiting you, too and the most humble people you will have met on this earth will applaud you, they will come to you, happy for you, because you alone managed to reach for the source. I have no doubt!.
You cannot imagine the shivers and the tears of joy my spirit was experiencing.
At the end he added:…. And then you will only reach your place between the stars.
I am still excited and overwhelmed by the fullness of that luminous existence.
An exchange of ideas that only lasted twenty minutes in real life, but a slice of ‘eternity’ in that circular dimension.
I parted from him by saying: I am sure we will meet again, it could be even in the sky… and he replied: I have no doubt.
Angels in Train Station The Most Fantastic Meeting of my Life I meet an Angel in Termini station
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