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The Name of my Guardian Angel

The Name of my Guardian Angel The Name of my Angel in a Dream MAHONIA the Name of my Angel Story
The Name of my Guardian Angel : in the morning of Easter Saturday Saint I woke up at three thirty a.m., which was an not that unusual because I was not yet on holiday mode - at ten past four I was already sitting in the sofa (my ‘sacred place’), crocheting; I should explain that a long time ago I had once bought some jasmine incense sticks because I like it when the house smells nice but when I lit one there was no perfume at all so I stacked them somewhere ever since, in addition I have some perfumed candles and every morning I light one up in the office, I dedicate it to my Angel, to my brother-in–law (with the pretext that it’s a smoke-eating candle, so as to avoid stupid comments from my colleagues); with this in mind, that Saturday morning I said to myself "My husband is fast asleep, I am alone in my ‘hideout’, why not?" so I lit up three incense ticks and a white and blue candle, I thought of my Angel and asked Him to stay close to me.
At about seven o’clock, while I was crocheting, I felt really sleepy, and this is really strange because once I wake up so early I don’t feel the need to sleep again until about one p.m., in any case, I set down the work, I laid down in the sofa on one side and fell asleep. I began to dream: I was in a new house and I was very sad because every time I have had to move in the past it has always been a shock to me (I am very attached to ‘things ‘, I put roots in them, you can imagine moving an entire house) and besides I knew that my husband was angry with me (things have been a bit tense over the last three months) and that was making it worse for me, I was in the rooms of this house and suddenly I found myself near one of my favourite tables, and on the floor near the foot of the table there was a beautiful thing: imagine a round bridal bouquet, without a veil, with a garland of green leaves and in the middle a ball-shaped group of tiny yellow flowers, similar to mimosas but not as furry, as I picked up the bouquet I saw a plant in a pot on the table with some small leaves and I thought: thank goodness the plant is not dead so I can grow it again (besides, one of my hobbies is growing flowers and plants and when I take care of them, I talk to them – my husband says that I am crazy – but I believe I ‘feel ‘ that all surrounds us has a soul, even stones, even objects, perhaps it is a need I have).
I woke up at about eight o’clock, I went to visit my mother who in that period had not been feeling well - she nearly lost her life - I kept her company for a little while then I returned home.
Back again on the sofa, and again crocheting. Soon after that the tv broadcast a program - I like to keep the tv on as a background, with the volume set low – the program was abut an agricultural service- a special on flower compositions for the Easter table, I put down my crocheting work immediately and watched intently: They were weaving a basket with small olive branches and some flowers….and suddenly… those flowers !! the same flowers that I had not recognised but that I dreamt about! The programmers specified the name and the characteristics of the plant : MAHONIA and I immediately felt that MAHONIA name was the name of my Angel! It was my Angel who replied to me in my dream, also because on the Easter day (it took that long to muster up the courage) I took my book on flowers and plants and I looked up ‘maonia’ but could not find it anywhere, I was disappointed, but something like a little voice told me that perhaps there is the letter H, then I looked it up again and I found it: MAHONIA, and what struck me – in addition to the fact the letters seemed to literally jump at me – was that the type of bouquet, the round one, is the less common!
The Name of my Guardian Angel The Name of my Angel in a Dream MAHONIA the Name of my Angel Story
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