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Thankfulness to my Angel Experiences

Thankfulness to my Angel Experiences of Angels Help for my daughter on bicycle Testimony
Thankfulness to my Angel Experiences : it was a Sunday morning and it was a splendid day; my husband, my daughter and I decided to go on a bike ride; we were pedalling away peacefully in the bicycle lane, in the front was my husband, my daughter in the middle and I was the last one.
At one point the bicycle lane was cut off, we had to cross a narrow bridge where cars were driving in both directions, and then the cycle lane began again.
I thought it might have been better to get off our bicycles and walk on the bridge on the side of the cars driving in our direction, but my husband told me not to worry about it and suggested we continued to cycle across the bridge but in the other side of the road, so incoming cars could see us better.
I was very doubtful, but my husband often imposes his opinion, so we did as he said.
In the front was my husband on his bicycle, our eight-year old daughter on her bicycle and then there was me, following them very slowly.
As soon as we began crossing the bridge various car drivers started to honk at us, they even screamed various things at us, but we went on regardless; suddenly a car drove very close to our side of the bridge, to the point where my husband had to brake suddenly, , my daughter behind him was so taken by surprise that she lost her balance and, with her feet still on the pedals, she started quickly tilting to her right, right into the centre of the bridge ….. I saw what was about to happen and I let out a scream, but I also noticed that something else was happening, without my daughter having anything to do with it: her loss of balance stopped, and was gently reversed until she was back into a perfect vertical position, only at that point did my daughter put her feet on the pavement.
I was at the same time screaming but also watching as all this happened.
Once we passed the bridge you may imagine what an earful I gave my husband, but above all in my heart today I feel thankfulness to my Angel for helping my daughter during that awful moment.
Anna Lucia
Thankfulness to my Angel Experiences of Angels Help for my daughter on bicycle Testimony
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