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Heart always recognizes the truth

Heart always recognizes the truth I meet an Angel Searching for the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary
Heart always recognizes the truth : in this world, where every day the media always broadcast more and more cruel and merciless things, our fear and our mistrust grow against anyone; if our minds and our hearts do not understand that those facts are only a small part of what is really happening, that there are wonderful and positive facts that happen all around us, which no one news broadcast never will speak of, fear will have the upper hand over us and we will find us doubting even, an Angel, however even then, the heart always recognizes the truth; let’s try in our life to not forget it.
Rosy: Searching for the Sanctuary
It was a summer Saturday, my colleague and I decided to go on a short pilgrimage to a local Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, as a penitence and as an act of Faith; the Sanctuary is located fifteen kilometers from my town, perhaps a little more, I do not know exactly, anyway, off we went, we wanted to walk down a country road as had been suggested to us to avoid the main road, which might be dangerous, and would certainly take us much longer to get there.
After about two hours we reached a road that goes along a cemetery, it was between one thirty and two o’clock p.m., an infernal heat, …. I was red purple and very tired under the burning sun, we arrived to a junction, we took the way that seemed right to us, even though we were not sure. Soon after that we saw an old man on a bicycle, we asked him if that was the road to the Sanctuary, he replied that no, that was not it, then we took the way that he indicated to us, he then moved on and passed us on his bicycle and …. he disappeared …. I started to be a little afraid, I told my friend that perhaps that man had been hiding all along and maybe he wanted to harm us, after all we were walking on a road in the middle of the woods and we had not seen him again since ……. At the end of this road we found another junction ….. Once again we were about to take the wrong turn when we saw him again, there, standing still, he was waiting for us and once again he indicated the right way, and finally we reached the Sanctuary of Our Mother.
I regret having thought ill of him, I understood that he was there to show us the right way and make sure we did not get lost in the countryside, who knows what would have happened if we had gone the wrong way, where would we have ended up, tired and overheated as we were, who knows if we would have managed it ….
Who was he ? ….
He might be an Angel that came to help us …..
I am increasingly certain of it.
Heart always recognizes the truth I meet an Angel Searching for the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary
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