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Netherworld Experience of Help

Netherworld Experience of Help from the Netherworld Testimonial Apparition Two death boys
Netherworld Experience of Help : dear Sara Luce, I could summarize my experience of help from the netherworld and I am happy to tell you about it; I was in my car together with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and we were laughing a lot, while talking about the evening we had just spent; then, someone our friend knew came close to us and told him with a heavy tone of voice to get down and follow him to his off-road vehicle; before leaving, our friend whispered to us “I have to go, but do not leave me alone”.
I started the car and I drove ahead of them, making sure they were always behind us, so that we would not attract any attention. So we drove for about ten kilometres, then I realised that suddenly they were out of sight. We decided to drive right back. Suddenly the road was empty, but we did not notice first, I had lost them less than a hundred metres before, we are sure about it.
Soon we saw right in front of us a car in flames, the flames were really high, it looked as if the car would blow up at any moment. For that reason, as we passed by, I could not slow down, and the heat coming into our car was so intense that my boyfriend could not pull the car window down, while he shouted at the boys:“Quickly, get away!”. Those two were laughing amused and they would not move from there, as if nothing was happening.
After a few metres we drove back, because we were sure that our friend was on that short stretch of road. It is really unbelievable but , only a couple of minutes after, we were wondering if the firemen had already arrived, but nobody was there instead , and even if they had removed the car (that’s impossible) in that very short time, a track would have remained. The only relief facing this unexplainable happening was that the two of us were living the same experience, and that gave us certainty.
The next day our friend was full of bruises, he told us he had been threatened with a broken bottle and that, even though he could not explain to himself how, he could calm that man down and convince him to let him go. While listening to our experience, he told us that he was right there on a small countryside secondary road, where we had seen the car in flames. He reminded us that right on that spot a tombstone had been placed some years before, which recalled the death of two boys.
Two months ago, after more or less ten years since that happening, while remembering, my husband and I came to the conclusion that maybe that apparition had the purpose of preventing us from interfering in that situation, as if, if we had interfered, things would have got worse. Right after, we decided to pay a visit to that tombstone and also ,I must admit it, to see if on that spot two young men had lost their lives, and, while reading, not only we discovered that at the time two very young fellows were killed there, but also, and that left us astonished, their names were just Patrizio and Salvatore, like our friend and his aggressor.
A warm embrice, Ketty
Netherworld Experience of Help from the Netherworld Testimonial Apparition Two death boys
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