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Angels truly stories of Angels

Angels truly stories of Angels Intervention of Angels Magic intervention of Angels The Truck Story
Angels truly stories of Angels : I would like to tell you about something that happened to me a while ago, naturally it involves Angels; without their intervention, I would not even be here to write about it; I will begin my story, pay attention because it’s truly a story that will give you goosebumps.
One day I was waiting at a red traffic light, waiting for the green light; on the opposite side, facing me, was a large truck also waiting for his green light. The truck was outside his lane perimeter and into my lane, the driver was singing while listening to music on his headphones. As soon as the green light came on, he sped away like a rocket. I sounded my horn at him to make him move, but he did not even hear me.
Even the drivers behind me were honking at this point, but to no avail.
Naturally I could not get out of the car, because he would have run me over. I began praying.
“If anyone is there, please help me, I don’t want to die young. Grandpa, please help me”.
As if by magic, all of a sudden I found myself outside my own car, suspended above the roof of the car, and I felt like the wind was blowing through my entire body. What was happening?
“Why am I on top of my car, and not inside?” I wondered.
I saw the truck speeding away, while the driver continued happily to sing with his headphones on. Sadly the cars driving behind the truck were so close as to not let me read the number plate of that truck to identify him.
The drivers waiting behind me at the light came out to check how I was. I could hear their voices.
At that moment I reentered by body and I noticed that the truck had shaved off my side mirror and damaged the front and back doors, but I was unharmed.
The doors were heavily damaged; they had very deep dents and cuts, to the point that they should have caused injury to my leg and my left side. The drivers that came to my aid were speechless when they saw me walk out of the car completely unharmed.
“How did the truck manage to hit your car without leaving a bruise on your body?”
I was still in shock when I answered “I was not in the car, I was on the roof. Didn't you see me?” Of course they assumed that I was under shock and told me I was delirious.
I understood then that they never did see me, but that someone up there indeed saved me.
I will forever be thankful to my Angels, to my grandpa who called them, and to God who listened to their prayers.
Do you still doubt the presence of Angels even after this story? I don’t!
Angels truly stories of Angels Intervention of Angels Magic intervention of Angels The Truck Story
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