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Guardian Angel's name Perfume of Lily

Guardian Angel’s name My Guardian Angel’s name Perfume of Lily Dream Answer Naturally her name

Guardian Angel’s name Perfume of Lily : looking back, it was always during difficult times that I felt that unmistakable perfume, intense, almost to the point of nauseating me, a perfume of lily; especially when I was asleep, it felt like someone was placing an open bottle of lily perfume right up my nose; one evening, I was visiting a friend and Sara Luce was there. I asked her about it, if the perfume could be coming from an Angel, Sara smiled and answered that it was in fact and Angel, she invited me to ask my Angel to get in contact with Him/Her, maybe through a dream.

A few days went by and one evening, as I was ready to fall asleep, I asked my Angel to show himself …. I woke up in the middle of the night, which is unusual for me, and after a few moments, just before I turned to my side to fall asleep again, I decided to ask one more time to see my Angel.

Immediately after that I had a vision: a very young girl, 14 or 15 years old, thin, wearing a white embroidered blouse, long pants and low shoes, she was sitting on a very plain wooden chair, with her face slightly bowed toward her chin, I had a sensation of tenderness as I looked at her …. Mentally I asked her if she was my Angel, and She raised her face, a clean complexion, flawless skin, she smiled, and by the way she moved her head she answered yes.

Then the vision stopped.

In my very busy day I found the time to call Sara to tell her all about it and she proposed an adventure for the following morning, to get to know my Angel better.

That morning, among the many other things, Sara suggested I give a temporary name to my Angel ….. I thought of a few names, but Sara asked to go back to my vision and relive the emotions I had and to give her a name based on that.

“Little one” is what came to my mind that encompassed it all for me.

We went to play our adventure …. It was incredible: the first thing I noticed is that there were countless shops that were displaying exactly the same type of embroidered blouses that my Angel was wearing …. We stopped by a flower shop since Sara had to buy her weekly flowers, I once again asked my Angel the question, but this time the answer came spontaneously and naturally, “Nicoletta” was her name.

I feel as if I have always been calling her by this name.

I loving hug






Guardian Angel’s name My Guardian Angel’s name Perfume of Lily Dream Answer Naturally her name


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