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Angel The touch of an Angel

Angel The touch of an Angel Meeting an Angel His Love His candies His sweet smile Testimonials

Angel The touch of an Angel : I will tell you my story as I used to tell it to my daughter, at night, before she fell asleep; one day she asked me “Dad, will you tell me again the story of Francesco?” and I would say: “It’s not a story, it’s the truth, and it’s what happened to your dad back in 1931”.

There was once an eight-year-old child named Francesco.

He was so poor that no other child in the world was as poor as he was.

He lived in a miserly shack built by his mother. One Christmas evening Francesco was hungry and very sad; as his Soul lost all hope for his situation to improve a little without having even received one single gift, with his eyes full of tears, he said his usual prayer to his Guardian Angel and he fell asleep hugging his pillow made of rags. In his dream he immediately saw a sweet smile that illuminated everything, including Francesco’s own Soul. In his hair little silver stars were shining, and his sweet gaze caressed the child.

“Oh, Angel, what are you doing here, why don’t you say anything?” said Francesco.

The Angel, without saying a word, indicated with his hand a place close to the small house, it was the child’s favourite playing ground.

Francesco woke up right away, he got up, he pulled the blanket over his back and he left the shack, a great hope filling his tender young heart. He closed the door behind him quickly so as not to let the cold inside.

Remembering the Angel, he looked for the place he had indicated, he stopped for a second he saw the fresh snow shining from the reflection of the stars and the moon, and then he saw a mosaic that looked like it was made of stars but was in fact made of lots of different candies, placed on the snow in the shape of stars, there were no human tracks on the snow anywhere around it.

These candy were dark violet on one side and light violet on the other. They were not wrapped in paper and their taste was impossible to describe. He felt a warm sensation of Love, of happiness and he said happily: “Thank you Angel”.

Many years have passed since then, one entire human life span - I have become a scientist, I married, I have four children, a full life filled with emotions and work, but nowhere on my long business trips all over the world, in no shop whatsoever, have I been able to find those candies with the flavour and the aroma of violets, just like the ones given to me by the Angel.





Angel The touch of an Angel Meeting an Angel His Love His candies His sweet smile Testimonials


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