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Medjugorie In Medjugorie Angelic experience

Medjugorie In Medjugorie an Angelic experience Intense perfume of violet Testimonials

Medjugorie In Medjugorie Angelic experience : today I would like to read Emanuela’s testimonial, her letter was addressed to me so I decided to leave it as it is, the Angels love flowers, some of them even have their favorite flower, but often, especially at the contact with them, it’s exactly the perfume of flowers that stuns and fascinates you, but let me just allow you to read Emanuela’s testimonial

Emanuela – in Medjugorie

An Angelic experience. I told you I was going to go to Medjugorie, a sanctuary of apparitions of the Madonna in the State of Bosnia Herzegovina. I did not feel I was quite yet ready to follow the path you had indicated to me …. I guess I had to get there step by step.

So, I took my pilgrimage tour as a way to say thank you – in the end, I received many small and large graces. I am a beautiful person, I am healthy, I am alive, and I am evolving: what else can one hope for!

The Madonna of Medjugorie is also the Queen of Peace. Peace for the people and interior peace for those of us who carry a war inside our hearts or inside our families.

Our tour leader – who knows the sanctuary and the area we were visiting very well – tells us that we are there because we answered a call. Every person that goes to Medjugorie is answering a call. I discover that we were invited to go to celebrate the Anniversary of the Apparition, the most important celebration of the year. The first apparition happened on 24th June 1981, but when it first happened the readers ran away terrified. So, the official date is 25th June. During those two dates, a few years later, is also when the war broke out.

I arrive nervous and edgy. I am not able to get into the mystical frame of mind and I don’t like it. However, after the prayer, with calm, things begin to unfold. My restlessness goes away. In the morning I walk up to the Pobrdo, the mount of the apparitions. Over two hours of hiking up a rocky path. I am not tired at all. Lactic acid: what is that?!? I descend and I have more energy than when I hiked up. At one point of my uphill hike, I have the feeling that something is taking me by both hands, and continuing becomes even easier. I should be able to recognize angelic manifestations, shouldn’t I? Well, I am not yet used to it, they are always extraordinary events.

In the evening, they tell me that soon there will be an apparition. It will be at eleven, on the Pobrdo mountain. I want to go. I would hike that mountain ten times. We go, four other people and me. On the peak of the mountain there are hundreds and hundreds of people, of all nationalities, it was a full moon on the night on 23rd June.

I begin to smell an intense perfume of violet. You know, those essences that are so strong they almost make you nauseous. After half an hour I ask the person next to me if she can smell it, and she says no. And the perfume continues. It stops, and then starts again, for no apparent reason. I later find out that it’s a sign of the presence of the Madonna in that place. I don’t see her, but I can smell her. The reader, Ivan, one of the six readers – is there and communicates with her at the set time. We wait for the translation from Croatian into our own language. I will not tell you the surprise I felt! The message was mostly for us that evening, those of us who were there. She was thanking us and she said she was very happy that we accepted her invitation. She said that on that particular evening she had come with three angels. She said that she blessed each one of us, all of us. She blessed the wishes and aspirations that we brought with us to that place. She blessed all objects that we had brought with us. She told us to carry our prayers to our families, that this is the peace request that she gave us. At the beginning of her apparitions she said “mir”, or Peace. Then she told us to bring that peace into our families through prayer.

You can imagine what kind of amazing event this has been for me. And this was in addition to the other events of the following days, big and small! I will tell you more about it, I am sure.

It appears, from what I understand – from what I heard – that this is how it works in Medjugorie: the grace begins the moment you decide to go, the days you spend while you are there can be filled with lots of things happening or there could be nothing happening at all, and each person experiences something different, but it’s when you go back home, or right after that, that the grace takes place, through big and small miraculous events. Apart from the fact that I went there to express my thanks, and to find some peace. Mothers always end up doing a little more than they had were going to, don’t they? This is what I hear, and She did the same.






Medjugorie In Medjugorie an Angelic experience Intense perfume of violet Testimonials


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