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Guardian Angels At Night our Angel

Guardian Angels At Night our Angel Communicates with us Testimonials Our Angel communicates with us

Guardian Angels At Night our Angel : when we sleep our mind finally slows down, the body rests and the Soul is free; at night our Angel communicates with us, often by the time we wake up we do not remember any of it, but sometimes a dream will tell us that a meeting has indeed taken place, and why we remember it; let’s hear Angela’s testimonial:

Angela: “Protection”

I woke up with that strange dream in my mind that morning, in my dream I saw my grand mother suffering (she passed many years ago), in my dream she had an internal bleeding that affected both her legs… Then I dreamt about my grandfather (who also passed away many years ago) and in this dream there was the representation of the passage from physical death to the reunification with God…. I held him in my arms, I cuddled him and I told him not to be afraid “you are not alone, there is God next to you, there are Angels here, I kept repeating those words to him, gently and sweetly.

What a strange dream that was, talking about suffering and death, it’s true that at that time I was suffering a lot because a very good friend of mine had taken his own life, but why would I dream about my grandparents?

In any case, it was Saturday morning and we were going to the lake. First of all we went to play with the ducks. We parked our car next to other cars and then we went to lay down by the lake…. We returned to our car and noticed a gentleman having trouble getting back into his own car, he had serious health problems with his legs and the small gap between his car and ours (which would have normally been sufficient for people with no health conditions) was a serious obstacle for him….. His wife, sitting at the passenger’s seat, started screaming “My God, you are slipping, you are falling over!” and we rushed to his aid to prop him up, thus avoiding a fall, and we helped him seat himself down comfortably in his car.

Then we left…. How strange…. The dream about my grandma with the problem with her legs… and that gentleman …..

After that we went to the restaurant…. From our viewpoint we could see the nearby beach… it was windy…. There was a man lying down… The owner of the restaurant was shocked… The man, nothing more than a young man, maybe in his thirties, had just taken his own life, his body had just been rescued and he was being pulled to the shore… Our stomachs shut down… The body on the beach… then the police took his car away…. Then the body…. Everyone prayed in silence for that desperate Soul…. And then the dream of my grandfather’s death of my grandfather came back to me….

As you probably guessed my thoughts were also going to my suicidal friend, although the impact on my heart was softened by my recent dream, also from the time spent that morning with lingering thoughts about suffering and death, I had been immersed in the true words that I told my grandfather in my dream, and that allowed me to have the same words ready as I was looking at the body on the beach.

I am sure that this is the result of the work that my sweet Angel did on my during my dream and who knows how many other things He told my Soul that night, because, I assure you, despite the pain, I was very serene.






Guardian Angels At Night our Angel Communicates with us Testimonials Our Angel communicates with us


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