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Blue Light A Healing Light Testimonials

Blue Light A Healing Light Testimonials of Angels Blue Light Healing Light Experience


Blue Light A Healing Light Testimonials : last night I was very ill, I had a crushing pain in my stomach, anxiety was getting hold of me, and my obsessive fear of not managing to get through it was taking over my thoughts; I have been unwell for a about a week since my ex boyfriend revealed some stuff to me; I spent two good years with him in a way, but they were also two years full of contrasts and much suffering and these last revelations confirmed my doubts; I will not go into details, but in these two years my partner was not with me completely, not with both his mind and his heart. He had created an ambiguous relationship with me; he was a bit of a juggler with other girls too.


I felt humiliated, dirty, betrayed, even though I was happy about my regained dignity (so it was not all my imagination) and happy about his desire to face that part of himself that had been in the shadow and to work on it even by means of seeking help.


My pain is intense though, and maybe also because I still have feelings for him. And this is where I get angry with myself.


Last night at 18:30 I was really desperate and I implored God to allow Archangel Michael to send me his blue light, a healing light, providing that this was for my highest good. I cried to him through my tears, I asked him this because yesterday morning I had read the first few pages of a book: “The archangels of Waltraud Maria Hulke-Ediz Armenia. It talks about light and the colors of the Archangels.


A few tears dropped for a little while. Then almost immediately the stomach pain disappeared, allowing me to sit in my sofa and read for a few minutes to distract my mind. That was the intention anyway, because I don’t know how, but I suddenly felt profoundly relaxed and without noticing it I fell asleep in the sofa.


After about half an hour the phone woke me up. I felt as if somebody had taken care of me and I was no longer sick, last night I was even able to study and I slept very well, also because I had not been able to sleep well for a whole week.


I almost forgot! Before I went to bed, I continued reading the first chapter of that book and these lines caught my attention: “when he spiritually imparts blue light, Archangel Michael loosens up the energy in the blocks of the elementary system, and as a consequence this brings a restructuring of the fibers of energy at an emotional and mental level. This is evidenced by a complete relaxation that brings with it the seeds of renewed hope and trust, all virtues that reside in the divine Love….”


You can imagine my immense joy and how grateful I am to Them.


I love you. Nicoletta




Blue Light A Healing Light Testimonials of Angels Blue Light Healing Light Experience



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