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Dream or Reality He was my Guardian Angel

Dream or Reality He was my Guardian Angel Experiences Guardian Angels testimonials

Dream or Reality He was my Guardian Angel : dream or Reality, he was my Guardian Angel We finally completed the work on our new home located in the quiet countryside; we moved our family to our new “mansion”, which we built at the cost of many sacrifices; now we were there and I was so happy I had trouble believing that our dream had finally become reality.

In the serenity that surrounded us I was able to forget the strain of the daily job, even though I enjoy it, and I was able to relax like I had never been able before. I felt my energy level rising by the day; since then it’s been a couple of months and I am completely at peace with myself.

One morning, while I was still half asleep in bed, in a state of sleep-wake, I was not able to discern if I was dreaming or if I was awake. But I do remember that I shook myself up a few times and asked myself: ‘am I awake of asleep?’. No, I am awake – in the meantime I heard some noise in the corridor, I thought it was my daughter. I called her but there was no reply. So, who was it then that made those noises in the corridor, a noise that by now I was associating with footsteps?

The answer arrived quickly enough, I saw a young man come into my room and approach my bed. I had never met him before. Was I dreaming? No, I was lucid and calm.

The young man turned to me with a soothing voice, whispering repeatedly not to be afraid, and I felt enveloped in a tranquility I had never felt before.

This peace increased as soon as the young man sat on the bed next to me. I was shocked because my logic reaction at the presence of a stranger would normally be to be afraid, but on the contrary I felt surrounded by complete peace.

Soon after the vision disappeared. I was not able to provide a logic explanation to what had happened. Who was the young man, how could he disappear into nothing, what kind of message did he want to give me? I don’t know for sure, but a little while later, while I was going for a walk in the park with my husband, for a moment I saw that young man again. He was not very far from us, he looked at me with his arms crossed and he smiled. Maybe he was my Guardian Angel?





Dream or Reality He was my Guardian Angel? Experiences Guardian Angels testimonials


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