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Guardian Angels day 2nd October Message

Guardian Angels day 2nd October Message from the Guardian Angels for the Guardian Angels day 2nd October


Guardian Angels day 2nd October Message : we are the Angels that were tasked to take care of each one of you; we are the Angels to whom Love gave us our thoughts for you; the Father assigned you to us; we are your Guardian Angels; our effort is so much Love. From your birth to your death is the length of our effort; you grow up and it is our effort; you go through your existence and our effort is next to you; you abandon your body and it’s our effort to lead you back to the Home that awaits you; the effort is all of Love; there is not one second that goes by that does not see our effort next to you; it’s an effort that is lived with joy, with great responsibility in the happiness, with our heart that speaks to you and sends to you light and knowledge, and it’s sweet to remember the many words placed inside you during the journey of your existence.


As Angels, we proclaim our happiness, happiness in following you, happiness in giving you suggestions, this is happiness, our words next to you. What seems to be inconsistent is happiness. If the journey is long, the experience renews itself and for an Angel this means happiness at renewing ourselves in the experience.


All the times your Angel asks himself “How can I help? How can I encourage? How can I love this creature that was entrusted to me? How can I send knowledge and truth to this creature? “ Your Angel asks himself all this in order to love you, he does not have any tools other than the heart, and from the heart he understands and asks himself questions on how to love you every day.


This is our experience next to you. Our experience is always in the joy. Moments of darkness alternate to moments of light, it’s the life of all creatures, and we are joy in the dark and in the light, and this is our existence. These are all moments to love you, this is the reality of our life. Moments to love you.


We are close in our reality, so close that often we send you signs, the affection is not for us, it’s for you, it’s for your hearts, the Love that says “listen to me, look at me, listen to me”, this Love is always for you, because this Love is inside us for you.


We lead our existence through our hearts, in the contact between our two hearts we share the experience, your heart is always tied to our Love. Some people have more awareness of this contact, some have none, however the sweet Love that their Angels feel for them is unchanged, this is because for us the task is to follow you, and this is what we do.


There are moments of joy when we succeed in helping you, moments of joy when your thought lights up, moments of joy when you light up with love, moments of joy when you run to someone’s help, moments of joy when you give your heart, moments of joy when all this ends and we can finally embrace, moments of joy as we look at all that was accomplished and brought in front of the Father, the fruit of our hearts. We are in the life within Love, and the bond will be with us forever in our memory.


Your Guardian Angels, here to love you


Guardian Angels’ day 2nd October Message from the Guardian Angels for the Guardian Angels day 2nd October


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