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Scent of Primrose smell inside my office

Scent of Primrose smell inside my office Testimonials of Guardian Angels Scent of Primrose Smell


Scent of Primrose smell inside my office: a few days ago I wrote to Sara, I was heavy hearted when I wrote it, I was asking what was happening to me, it’s as if, after a period of frequent dreams, of communication, of images, of colors, of ‘coincidences’, of physical sensations, it’s as if now I don’t feel anything anymore, it’s as if I could not feel my Guardian Angel anymore, and even if I struggled to admit it, I was a little upset about it, and I was upset with Him, even if I kept telling myself that perhaps it was really down to me, and I could not see the forest for the trees; I kept reminding myself to be patient, that one day He had given me a message through the Angel Giulio, that I was going to smell his scent often, and I was told to have faith; maybe now more than ever I was supposed to show him my faith and especially my patience, even if everything was beyond my comprehension; this is what I wrote to her and I sent her the e-mail.


Then …. at 17:15, a long time after I had e-mailed her my first letter…. I was immersed in my work and I was very focused…. Suddenly…. I could smell a really nice scent, just for a moment, but long enough to understand that it was a fresh scent, an smell of spring time, the perfume of an Angel …. The Angel Giulio, at the time, told me that he was dressed in blue and he would carry in his hands some flowers that could be primroses.


I believe that it was Him, even if it was for only a handful of seconds. I really believe it. It’s unimaginable to be able to smell so clearly a scent of primrose smell inside my office. He really heard me. I smile at the thought and I would really like to hug my little Angel close to me.


I am the cause of it, one day I will find the right key. I do not want to leave this world without having managed to communicate with Him.


I am sending you a shower of multicolored primroses





Scent of Primrose smell inside my office Testimonials of Guardian Angels Scent of Primrose Smell


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