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A hand from the Sky Guardian Angels

A hand from the Sky Guardian Angels testimonials Sara Luce experiences

A hand from the Sky Guardian Angels : Angela had only had her new car for a couple of weeks, it was her first brand new car and she polished it all the time; she let me drive it a few times and she enjoyed it, she said that her car and I seemed to be like one single item, my driving was brilliant and she really had fun watching me pass everyone on the road. And so it was that we had started going out frequently, and I would always drive.

That day, driving back from the lake, the tarmac was wet, the music on the stereo was very loud, I was speeding as usual, I felt secure, the car was responding exactly as I expected, and I was playing with it.

On the viaduct road called Magliana, Angela noticed a lot of water on the road and she shouted “Slow Down!”, I did not have the time to think, I immediately slammed on the brakes ….. and the Smart (car) lost control …. It started to skid and spin ….. Time suddenly slowed right down …. I was grabbing the steering wheel trying to gain control of the car …. I don’t remember what I did with the pedals …. I remember I was watching as the safety rail on the side of the road was fast approaching and I remember the panic at the idea of falling off the road and down the viaduct ….. I have been driving for years and I was mentally watching and anticipating the trajectory that the car was following …. We kept spinning …. Then the car repositioned itself on the right lane, at a slower speed, it was as if nothing had happened, my heart was in my throat, I looked from the rear mirror and I saw the terrified eyes of the driver behind us …. It was impossible to think that nothing had happened; of course, we were still driving on the viaduct, but it was impossible for the car not to ….. Maybe we did not feel the impact ….. Goodness knows how much the repair will be, I kept asking myself ….

Then we arrived home, since we did not have the opportunity to park the car at the beginning, we stepped out of the car ….. Nothing, not even a little scratch, absolutely nothing ….. Absolutely impossible ….. But that’s what happened ….. We tried to simulate the accident with a little toy car and even then it was inexplicable for nothing to have happened …. This is the third time already that my Angel saves my life, maybe I am making him work overtime?????

A sweet smile

Sara Luce



A hand from the Sky Guardian Angels testimonials Sara Luce experiences


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