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The touch of an Angel A Guardian Angels

The touch of an Angel A Guardian Angels testimonial A phone call from the Sky

The touch of an Angel A Guardian Angels : I have always wanted to receive a message from the Angels so that I could feel them closer to me, since I see them as essential figures, but it’s always been difficult to sense them; two years ago, however, something strange happened to me, and I will not hide the fact that I believe it was the ‘touch of an Angel’, I still remember it very well.

I had a very sweet grandmother, we loved each other immensely, our relationship was magic, she was like a second mother ….. One day they diagnosed her with a serious illness, and that’s when the calvary began for our family …. We lived in Turin, she lived in Genova Italy, and my mother and I kept driving back and forth to spend as much time as possible next to her!

Her health kept deteriorating, even to this day I remember those moments with profound pain. She never stopped loving life, and often it was she who encouraged us, she was a wonderful woman.

I had been with her for nearly a week, and a few hours before she passed away I received a phone call, it was the mother of a child who I often used to baby-sit, she needed me, because the child had suddenly developed a bad cold and she could not go to the kindergarten. I thought about it for a while, then I had a strange foreboding, something pushed me to agree, I was about to go back very soon anyway. I said goodbye to my grandmother and I left …. After a couple of hours she passed away.

It was an immense pain for me, but it would have been even worse, due to my sensitive and emotional character, if I had been present at the time of her death, I could not have coped with it! It was my wish that I had been carrying with me since I was a little girl, to be with my grandma, but not to witness her death! I am sure that the phone call was sent from the Sky above, my Angel and my grandma together, they saved me!

Grandma, I love you very much, your Emanuela.




The touch of an Angel A Guardian Angels testimonial A phone call from the Sky


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