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Happy Birthday my Love A Guardian Angel

Happy Birthday my Love A Guardian Angel testimonial Birthday gift from a Guardian Angel Experience


Happy Birthday my Love A Guardian Angel : the Angels look into our hearts and welcome with joy the words we say to Them; Rosanna’s testimonial, which you are about to read, talks of her birthday gift; A language different from ours, it’s the language of the Angels, maybe a ‘silent’ language, for us here so used to loud noises, but just listen to how much Love was sent to this soul ….


Rosanna: Happy Birthday my Love


This morning as I woke up I thought of my Angel, and since today is my birthday I asked him: “You know, Angels, today is my birthday and I would love so much to receive a nice present to unwrap and a nice bunch of flowers, will you get those for me?” …. after that I remembered that I had actually already unwrapped my gifts on Christmas, Eve because my daughter kept asking me to open them up, and so I did that to please her.


So, here I was, I was left without gifts, I asked my Angel: “Let me have one gift and some flowers” …. However I was thinking about it, I thought about my husband he would have had no time to go and buy flowers, so I told myself “I will go and buy them myself, it’s my birthday after all” ….. In the end, for one reason or the other, I never managed to get my flowers, so I was left still wishing for flowers.


Later I returned home, my husband had booked a table at the local pizza place so I had to hurry up ….. A girlfriend of mine called me and told me: “Rosanna, I am very close to your house, don’t leave yet because I want to give you my gift” …. I thought “Wonderful, I have a gift to unwrap” (now I sound like a 2 year old girl)! everything proceeded smoothly until …. Toward 7:15 in the evening, I get a phone call from a flower shop asking me to give them my address because they have some flowers to deliver …. I could not contain my happiness and my thought went immediately to my dear Angel, one way or the other he managed to make my wish come true, now it’s half past eleven at night, I wanted to share this story with you before the day is over.


I am extremely happy and I thanked my dear Angel, I thank God for the opportunity He gives me to live, even if sometimes it’s difficult, or at least we believe it’s difficult, in any case, thank you so much my dear Angel




Happy Birthday my Love A Guardian Angel testimonial Birthday gift from a Guardian Angel Experience


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