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Coincidences and Angels Intervention

Coincidences and Angels Intervention of the Angels A Love Angels and coincidences Testimonials

Coincidences and Angels Intervention : the appointment that two Souls made to meet upon this earth, the appointment of two Souls who want to share a journey together, sometimes the meeting is pre-announced, sometimes we are surprised when we see it, but you feel the magic of what is happening, in any case, there is no magic in this, only the sweet intervention of the Angels.

Gabriella: “a Love”

A sequence of coincidences, this is how my Love was born, and the reason I want to share this with you is because Sara Luce says that behind every coincidence there is the work of an Angel (my Angel is called Nomiho)

The cousin’s husband had move his job to a hospital located far away from their town and my cousin decided to buy herself a cell phone so they could send text messages to each other without spending a fortune on phone calls.

The cell phone she wanted to buy had a prepaid card for 25 Euros, she wanted to use a different carrier but the shop representative told her

”Start by using up this card, how much do you think it will last you? A week? I doubt it will be much longer than that, and then you can buy a new card”.

A week, this was the estimate.

Two days later, a few hundred miles away (745 to be exact), the person who would eventually become my boyfriend was feeling a little lonely, he had an idea, he would send a text message to six completely random numbers, asking for friendship, you never know, someone may answer it. He took his cell phone, wrote the message, dialed a number, completely random, and he sent it.

In reality he sent it to just one phone number…. My cousin’s cell phone.

“I don’t know why I replied to it”, said my cousin, but reply she did, and they got to know each other. Then one day she told me a little about him “If you knew how nice he is, he is your age, why don’t you call him?”

I was intrigued, but maybe he may not welcome the fact that someone gave his phone number out without his permission…. So I decided to send him a text message asking him if he wanted a new friend….. Soon after that he answered back, and he asked me “How is Adelaide? (Adelaide is my cousin)…. I was bright red, good thing you can not see a person blushing from a cell phone, I mumbled something and this is how we got to know each other, and the spark went off, but the Angels already knew this was going to happen…

In the meantime, for work reasons, I transferred to Rome, my mother had bought a house there, with a spare room specifically for me.

Now we only live two hours away and it’s much easier to see each other.

A perfect plan….. I get emotional knowing that our Angels are behind this entire story.

All the best to everyone






Coincidences and Angels Intervention of the Angels A Love Angels and coincidences Testimonials


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